MISS: Mocking

someone’s pain

On Sunday morning, a woman drove her vehicle over the dam in Louise Hays Park and into the Guadalupe River. Kerrville Police Department said she was suffering from a medical emergency.  

Admittedly, it was a strange scene to see a Toyota Prius sitting in the river just below the dam, and it sparked some mild joking, but it also raised the issue of what people define as funny. 

On The Kerrville Daily Times’ Facebook page, we shared a live video of the scene — it’s our most viewed item of the year — but 70 people checked the “haha” emotion. That’s right, 70 people found the situation funny. It wasn’t exactly funny for the first responders, who took the matter seriously and took great care to get the woman out of the vehicle and take her to the hospital.

HIT: First responders

acted fast

Sunday’s crash into the Guadalupe River could have been fatal for the woman driving, but fortunately, she was in the care of the Kerrville Police Department and Kerrville Fire Department, which provided quick assistance to help remove the woman from the car and take her to the hospital for treatment. In this crash, the woman’s car nose-dived into the river before landing on its wheels, and there was just enough force to deploy the airbags. 

The rescue wasn’t necessarily difficult, but it required paramedics, firefighters and police officers to work quickly and carefully to remove her from the car and take her across wet and slippery terrain to safety. 

A job well done by our first responders if you ask us. 

HIT: The kids at B.T.

Wilson and Hal Peterson  are making a difference

Another important story emerged last week, and that was that the students at sixth-grade campus B.T. Wilson School and the middle-schoolers from Hal Peterson were hard at work trying to make their schools a better place. 

The students were leading a shoe drive that would help fund campus improvements. The goal is simple: Collect 10,000 pairs of shoes, and turn that into money. In fact, the goal is $4,000 for new furniture for the B.T. Wilson library and an as-yet-undetermined amount for Hal Peterson.

The enthusiasm from the students on this effort should be commended, because they are taking direct ownership in their education, and for those yet to come to Wilson and Peterson schools.

Good job! 

HIT: A helping hand

for those in need

To round up, this week’s Hits and Misses, a tip of the cap to the organizers of the Texas Dental Association Smiles Foundation, who came to Kerrville to provide much-needed dental care for those in need.

Over a two-day period at the First United Methodist Church, hundreds of people received basic dental care completely free of charge. Volunteering licensed dentists and hygienists from all over the state performed cleanings, extractions, fillings and fluoride treatments.

This was an amazing volunteer effort that helped alleviate the suffering of dozens of Kerrville area residents. The folks included veterans, members of the working poor, people from women’s shelters, members of the drug recovery community and homeless people. On Friday, more than 150 people were treated in sessions lasting as long as 45 minutes. 

“There’s people who’ve had toothaches for weeks, months or years, and they couldn’t afford to go anywhere and didn’t know where to go,” said  B.J. Currey, who helped oversee the operation. “We want to try to do things that improve the quality of their lives.”

It’s clear that this was a great thing for our community, and it definitely improved the quality of life for those who sought services. Thank you Texas Dental Association Smiles Foundation. 

— Editorial Board of The Kerrville Daily Times


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