River trail users should brush up on etiquette

I wasn’t a supporter of the River Trail. I was wrong. 

It’s well maintained and has great etiquette signage. Most dog owners (but sadly there are a few) seem to think it doesn’t apply to them. 

My biggest concern is the cycle lists who don’t adhere to the rules of the road and common courtesy, such as announcing your passing on the left. Today, I had two cyclists pass me with no mention and this required evasive moves by me. Rude cyclists. 

I hope you have good liability insurance. You may need it. 

David Phelps, Kerrville

Good to see a historic building preserved 

Nice to see a historical building preserved. 

Thank You to the owners of Pint and Plow. They have kept a historical building intact and run a very nice business out of that old home. It has a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere and so nice to enjoy something old and not all modern. Lots of hard work went into that place and I thank you for preserving some of Kerrville’s history. 

Hopefully Mosty’s Garage and Gibson’s will always stay the same!  

Chuckie Cook, Kerrville

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Carlos Richter

When I pass pedestrians on the river trail, I always say good morning and slow down while passing them. They greatly appreciate this. A speeding bicycle scares pedestrians.

Also, I observe a significant amount of pedestrians wearing both ear buds and listening to music while walking on the trail. They cannot hear and this is dangerous. They could hear me coming up behind them if they used only the right ear bud or no ear buds at all.

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