Leading cause of death isn’t what you might think

According to reports, the leading cause of death worldwide is abortion; about 49 million in the last reporting period. We have had something over 61 million deaths by abortion in the US since the Roe vs. Wade decision of 1973, a nationwide legalizing of abortion on demand. (Sadly, according to other reports, more African-American babies are killed through abortion than are allowed to be born alive!) That 61 million number approximates 16% of our current total population which is around 360 million. In other words, our US population would be about 421 million were it not for all those babies given no chance to live.

We now enjoy a booming economy that is begging for workers; workers and intrinsically valuable human beings who have been zeroed out of our population. We have killed off our progeny, willfully destroyed human potential, and crippled our future; all these sacrificed on the altar of “choice”. Bad choices, indeed.  


Raymond Tear, Kerrville



Constitution trumps political party loyalty

I tried to send the following letter to my Senators via email. Doing the email deal and missing the nail and hitting your thumb with the hammer are closely akin. So, I decided to send it to The Daily Times, hoping maybe the Senators might notice it if it was in a newspaper. Dear Ted and John, You two are my Senators. In regard to the impeachment trial of Donald Trump: By all appearances you two don’t seem to care what the evidence shows and are automatic “Not Guilty” votes. You are both trying to stop more evidence being introduced, which translates to you don’t care what the truth is. You are both going to vote straight “party line” without considering your oath to “obey and defend the Constitution”. I think that this is disgraceful and both of you should be better than this! The Constitution is what made America great and Donald Trump is not. Ted, one of Trump’s over 300 insulting nicknames is Lying Ted (in your honor) plus he has implied your wife is ugly and your father was somehow involved in the assassination of JFK. And you’re supporting him! What the Heck! Shape up guys. 


Alexander Sim, Kerrville



Where will the water come from for Vintage Heights?

Where is the water coming from to support a large development and other economic growth that is desired or planned for Kerrville? 

There appears to have been significant discussion pertaining to traffic, property values of a neighboring development, tax incentives, and others with respect to the Vintage Heights planned development. It does not appear that sufficient discussion or planning has occurred as to a water source by the city. 

Maybe the city will begin utilizing the multimillion-dollar reuse pond for potable water for Kerrville. We already go into significant water restrictions in dry periods. The city draws all that is allowed from the river and then draws additional water from the aquifer during these dry periods. The same aquifer that is basically, the only source of water for Kerr County residents.

 I have kept up reasonably well with the articles and issues being discussed about the need for workforce housing in Kerrville. 

Judging from all the help wanted signs around town, it certainly appears there is a need or we are already over developed. There was a letter to the editor titled “Is Vintage Heights Needed” in Thursday’s paper. The gentleman made a good point about other builders already furnishing homes in a price range suitable for workforce housing. Why are we accommodating the Vintage Heights land owner and developer with incentives and other concessions?


William Fulmer, Kerrville 



Kerrville already has a great hometown craft store

For those poor ladies who’ve been “waiting for weeks” for Hobby Lobby’s opening, I have three words: Home Town Crafts. I’m pretty sure they have “camouflaged” fabric (although it’s hard to find because it’s, you know, camouflaged). 

And for those of us who don’t conflate faith with commerce, Home Town Crafts is open Sundays. Shop local, folks. If we don’t, the big boxes will kill our hometown businesses.


Jill Wiggins, Kerrville

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