More questions need to be asked about Speaker Bonnen situation

If you consider Michael Quinn Sullivan of Empower Texans and Texas Scorecard a far-right propaganda source, then where on the political scale is Michael Morris and The Times editorial board? And, by the way, who exactly is The Times Editorial Board? Your article failed to mention the current federal lawsuit over the press pass issue that initiated this encounter between Sullivan and Speaker Bonnen. It also totally overlooks the utter failure of Speaker Bonnen’s regime to move forward the goals of the Republican Party in spite of Republican control of the legislative and executive branches of state government. 

Sullivan appears to be reticent to release the tape because of the damage that will be inflicted to the Republican Party. You’re right, things don’t add up. Clearly, someone is lying. I think that we will find out upon culmination of the federal lawsuit and the undoubted criminal investigation of Speaker Bonnen over this matter. Hopefully, it will happen before Michael Morris squeezes out his next drop of poison. 

Martin Stringer, Kerrville

Gun ownership is normal; being a dysfunctional, violent person isn’t

Eighty-one million legal gun owners in America have not started a fight, threatened or killed anyone in their entire life. A very small percentage of legal gun owners have killed in self-defense or have been involved in accidents.  

Fighting is not normal in today’s society. People who get into fights have substance abuse issues or anger management issues, a mental illness or a disregard for societal norms. 

In every single case of a mass shooting, the shooter exhibited signs of violence, anti-social behavior or other mental illness prior to the shooting, that was ignored by friends, family, classmates, co-workers and/or law-enforcement. 

We mourn the 31 dead and 51 wounded in El Paso and Dayton, but where is the outrage over the same number of dead and wounded each month in our large Democrat-run cities?

The problem is not the inanimate gun, the caliber, the firing rate, the size of the magazine or the Second Amendment. The problem is our deteriorating moral fabric that began when liberals successfully removed religious teachings from public schools, on the pretense of an ignorant or deliberate misunderstanding of the separation of church and state. The problem is liberals, knowingly or not, promoting the socialist agenda, which includes disarming the American public. The mass shootings just make a convenient argument for “sensible” gun control, while liberal lawyers won’t let us lock up potential threats.

We need to identify, confine and treat those people who exhibit anti-social tendencies. We need to do a better job of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. We need to educate the public on mental illness issues. What we do not want to do is destroy our constitutional republic and leave ourselves defenseless against democratic socialism for a false sense of security.

Stephen Lehman, Kerrville

One sign of an imploding civilization: More people think prison is a badge of honor

Shootings, stabbings, terrorism ... all lead me to this question: why do the people who do these crimes have no fear of punishment? Having been in prison now gives you “street cred” and bragging rights. 

We are really hitting bottom and proud of it! Like the Roman Empire, we are imploding.

Anita Gardner, Mountain Home

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Mary Lou Shelton

you say that in every single case the shooter------------ahead of time. I have never found any peer reviewed publications that state that. as to mental illness, the guest column discusses that issue and other misstatements in your letter. much of the problem is that anger management issues, mental health events such as being fired, divorce, learning of spousal betrayal, etc. are the impetus for many mass shootings, and these are not classified as mental illness or a mental disorder. but the general public and the media always lumps them together as did you. at any one time, upwards of 60 million people are experiences these and more serious events. so you are going to manage 60million + plus people, even though, like gun owners, most have never harmed anyone. have you seriously thought through your statements? as to the decay of moral fabric, every rigid, authoritarian person I have ever encountered has some explanation for the changes in society they find distasteful. this ranges from sagging pants to long hair to tattoos to hippies to attending Woodstock to Beatles music. did you know that all the bad things you attribute to taking god out of the schools is well correlated with beginning when they put under god in the pledge in the mid 50s? let me ask you, if we did not have open carry in this state, do you perhaps think that someone might have alerted the police? or perhaps a good guy with a concealed gun could have confronted him? there are lots of things that could done to lessen the chance of these types of situations that would not infringe on your right to own a gun. but all we hear is the blather about mental illness. another diversion from real solutions courtesy of the NRA talking points. gene


Gene, let me ask you what do you propose on a national scale that would reduce or even eliminiate mass shootings? What do you propose on a national scale that would reduce or eliminiate a human beings propensity toward violence then carrying it out?

Mary Lou Shelton

the only point I have been trying to make is that the gun and the magazine size is related to the amount of carnage a person can inflict in a given amount of time. thats all. and I have made it perfectly clear that any change would likely have no immediate effect. you cant have a conversation about anything if one side refuses to accept simple reality. gene

Mary Lou Shelton

and iz, since morning is my posting time, let me ask you, with all due respect of course, why are you changing the topic? why are you not dealing with what I actually said? why are you asking me a question that is on the NRA list of questions that are supposed to stump people? why do you continue to say mass shootings rather than casualty count? can you refute the fact that the more lethal the weapon, the more people one can kill? the military seems convinced that it works that way. gene

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