Trump on attack

President Donald Trump speaks Thursday after the U.S. fired 60 cruise missiles at a Syrian air base in retaliation for this week’s deadly chemical attack on civilians.


Some recent letters have called for rallying behind our president as he represents all of us. I will remind them that the majority of local residents not only did not rally behind President Obama, but wrote letter after letter accusing him of various nefarious deeds, as well as labeling his supporters as anti-American, idiots, and leeches (and those were the milder terms).

In reality, I would not expect local conservatives to rally behind Obama as he was engaging in policies that they felt somehow damaged them or this nation they profess to love so much. Why should they? By the same token, why would people who disagree with Trump’s actions and policies wish to rally behind him? I think he is hurting the majority of people to benefit a few, and many of his policies are dangerously short sighted. It would frankly be unpatriotic of me to support a person who destroys rather than builds.  

Many seem to believe that it is a bad thing to exercise First Amendment rights and criticize the president. This reasoning carries me back to when large groups of us were protesting entry into the war with Iraq. We were told that since people died in order for us to have freedom of speech, we should not disrespect them by exercising that right. Any thinking person would instantly see the logical fallacy here, just as it is illogical to rally behind anyone that you sincerely believe is not doing a good job. 

Mary Lou Shelton, Kerrville


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Mary Lou Shelton

And the deleted portion of the letter addressed the 16th allegation of inappropriate sexual behavior that was recently reported. As usual, Trump let loose a tirade of insults at the accusers and ended by stating , "Look at her. She isn't my type." I watched a collection of news videos with him making this basic statement in response to multiple accusers with. his supporters cheering in the background. What kind of person would cheer this statement? And what is the "type" that he would sexually assault? And what do you local conservatives make of this behavior? Are all the women lying? Is the media making up fake quotes? Are the democrats secretly paying women to come forward?


Yes, Gene, to date, all the women have been lying, some of them badly. And yes, the Dems are paying them to come forward. Not a single allegation has been proved or made it past a grand jury. That should tell you something. To your original query, we don't really expect liberals to rally behind Trump. The separation from reality is too great. We hoped the Never-Trumpers would have had a change of heart and I see that happening to some extent. But is it not hypocritical to expect loyalty to policies that have been successful and not call for loyalty to policies that were racist, anti-American and overall failures. And I still maintain that Obama was not a Natural Born Citizen as it was defined and understood at the time it was used to qualify a President in 1787.


Thank you for the thoughtful letter Ms. Shelton. It is true there have been many spirited LTE’s over the years, mostly written along the lines of our highly polarized national politics. These letters are have accomplished nothing, aside from perhaps some “steam venting” for the authors. You have been identified as psychologist in prior comments from your husband. I would love to hear from you regarding the role fear plays in our lives and how it effects and influences our political actions. From my view, fear is the primary driver behind political action, or lack thereof, in Kerr County, and this phenomena is exemplified by the Kerr County Democratic Party. While some are passionate about social and political values at the national level, the whole of our local Democratic Party is 100% silent when their ethics, morals and standards are violated in the very place where they live. Please help me understand how this is possible and the role fear plays in this very odd situation.


Conservative, I have read numerous letters and responses from you in the Opinion section of KDT. I have only lived here 13 +years and have been a subscriber on and off while living in Kerrville. You keep alluding to local issues that the Democrats should protest. I am a Democratic but I have no idea what local topics that you refer to in numerous letters and responses online. Can you please state these issues that we should be involved in locally. From my view on local issues, a Democrat would stand little chance to run for local offices. Please just spill the beans on unjust local activities.


ckeissler, thank you for the comment. I do have a problem in that there is not enough space to even get started on a response but I will highlight several issues. #1) Kerr County is unique in that we grant ag tax exemptions to open pit mines (clearly illegal), so renegade miners flock to this county for tax dodging. Notice the S side of eastbound IH 10. Taking land out of ag use and not reporting it is a felony, and the open pits create serious environmental issues. #2) Illegal seizure of the Guadalupe River by wealthy families. Case in point is Lynx Haven Lodge where they put an electrified fence across the river and then rent it out the seized river for big bucks. This is public waterway, tested all the way to the Texas Supreme Court, but our Sheriff protects the criminals who seize portions of the river, ditto Camp Mystic. This stretch of the Guadalupe is as beautiful as it gets. This can be done in Kerr County if you are in the political donor class. #3) Corrupt Government – Kerr County is the most corrupt county in 21st Century Texas, with more criminal convictions of elected officials than Starr County Texas, and that is a powerful statement. #4) Industrialization of our local law enforcement – Our Sherriff has been involved in empire building at expense of the local community. We voted for a massive expansion of the jail only to find out that the there was a deal in place to import prisoners from other counties for a fee. There are thousands of unnecessary jailing’s in Kerr County. On example is Albert Langehennig, who has been arrested and jailed 118 times for PI. That is not a typo. He has been booked 118 times into Kerr County jail. The only benefit here is to run up the jail occupancy numbers. The Dems know all this, especially the Ertels, but fear prevents 100% if local dems from even acknowledging the litany of local issues that strike the heart of their belief system. It is a pathetic situation.


ckeissler - With due respect to you, I have never written a "letter to the editor" in my life. If you had read my posts, 100% have been comments on news stories or LTE's.


ckeissler, in closing let me say that everything I have said in my post on local issues is true and correct without a doubt, and I don't expect to be challenged on the facts by you or anyone else. This is how things work here: Local dems are allowed to be bad boys and girls and disparage Trump, all national politicians and most state level office holders. When one sticks his nose in local issues, it is quite another situation as you are fooling around with someone’s money and power, and that is not tolerated. The local GOB / political machine owns Kerr County, and has owned it from the beginning and they do not look kindly upon those who they perceive as threats. All others are just visitors here and that is why local dems remain silent.

Mary Lou Shelton

arm, my wife wrote the letter, so your comments should be addressed to her. but it Is good to see you back as you were mia for awhile. but as to making it to a grand jury: first, I dont think any charges were formally filed within the respective time frame. second, it is well established that people of power get away with all sort of stuff. most women are too stunned by physical come ons that they dont know how to react. the man is a dog, and there is no way around it. and you can't excuse his so called accomplishments based on his approach, as you dont know what would have happened had another approach been used. gene

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