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When it comes to honesty about breakfast food, especially the day after Thanksgiving, we have to give credit to our readers and followers because they appeared to be evenly split when it came to pie. 

Yes, that’s right, pie — for breakfast. 

We asked the question if it was OK to have a piece of pie for breakfast the morning after Thanksgiving, and 52% said yes, while the rest said no. For those who are disciplined, that’s a pretty honest assessment of post-Thanksgiving morning dining. 

However, one woman noted that she would have gladly had pie for breakfast, but there wasn’t anything left. 


One of the most voted-upon items in our Facebook polling was all about protein — turkey vs. ham. 

The winner? Turkey earned 73% of the vote for the preferred Thanksgiving choice. Although some folks wisely commented that both would be appropriate. We also asked readers to provide us with alternative selections, and there was definitely some strong takes with choices like wine, tamales, rib eye and brisket filling up the comments. 


We asked our Facebook audience if they had any interest in hitting the stores after Thanksgiving for Black Friday, and nope was the resounding answer. In fact, 87% of our Facebook followers said no way will they be shopping. Since this business is often dependent on retail advertising, we say bravo to the 13% who shopped on Black Friday. 


With 510 homes expected to be built in Kerrville in the near future, we asked the question if people thought this was a good thing for the city, or if the city should remain small. The poll garnered 399 votes, with 63% saying this was a good thing. 

The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday to discuss rezoning the 200-plus acres for the development to a medium-density zone. The site for the project is just east of Medina Highway and just south of the Riverhill area. Many of the lots in the proposed project will be 7,000-square feet or smaller. 

The housing story, which was published online last Wednesday, was one of the most-read stories this year with 10,000 people reading it by Thursday morning. 


When it comes to the controversy of the Kerr County Animal Services shelter, 60% of our readers online said keep the shelter open on Saturday. That could be unlikely to happen anytime soon with the Kerr County Commissioners Court seemingly determined to move out of the animal adoption business. 


This week we’re going to look at the performance of Kerrville City Council. How do you rate the Council’s performance?

Strongly approve



Strongly disapprove

No opinion

Take the poll here.



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