On the classroom wall in the Sunday school I attended as a four-year-old in 1937, there was a large picture of Jesus surrounded by little children of all shades of skin color. We were told that part of our weekly offering would be used to support missionary doctors and teachers working with children in our country and around the world. I was taught that Jesus loved all the little children. 

Many of the people who demonstrate a lack of concern or opposition to providing young people at the border with soap, showers, tooth brushes, hot meals and a bed probably went to a Sunday school with a similar picture. Didn’t they look at it and read the Bible stories about Jesus and his love for children? Whether legal or illegal border crossers, the children deserve better treatment.

What has happened to our caring nature that our elected and appointed representatives can tell us that the young people kept in wire pens are receiving adequate care? Why can we not make a rapid response to this situation? Our National Guard and the Regular Army must have portable showers, water stations, kitchens, medical personnel and supplies that could quickly be in place on the border.  

 What if a hundred pastors, priests and rabbis loaded their cars with soap, tooth brushes, towels, and other hygiene supplies and showed up together at the border to deliver those items and view the situation? I know that many religious denominations and others are presently providing needed aid to those detained children and they all need our thanks and more of us need to help.

Do we want these young people to remember this country as an uncaring nation or one that cared for them with a modicum of kindness and care.

Gary Clarke McVey, Kerrville


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Mary Lou Shelton

Mr. McVey, That is because they are christians in name only, not in deed. They use the Bible very selectively, usually as a cudgel to heap blame and scorn on anything they don't like or understand, including others. gene

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