Great job, Cailloux Theater

Congratulations again to our Callioux Theatre! “Our Town” opened Friday in the VK Garage and the performance was outstanding! This classic Thornton Wilder play was beautifully performed and the actors were excellent. As the play runs through October 20, consider adding it to your “to do” list! 

Lynn Niles, Kerrville

City golf course is a great asset to locals, high school teams, and it attracts visitors

As a regular at Scott Schreiner Golf Course, I took great interest in the front page of your paper about the “losses” of the operation. 

Two things jumped out at me. It appears that revenue exceeded expenses in 2018 by $88,660, yet under “the losses” headline, the article indicated “if it wasn’t for an infusion from the city’s general fund, the course would have lost nearly $100,000.” What?? How can revenue in excess of expenses create a loss? 

Also, a comparison to Buckhorn Golf Course should have noted a couple of things. Buckhorn is privately owned and operated along with at least two other public-play courses, the Bandit and the Republic. Because of its location, it receives considerable play from the Boerne-San Antonio area. Its water, a big item, comes from the treatment facility of Comfort, as does Scott Schreiner from Kerrville.

Kerrville has two great country clubs and it should not be a municipal’s mission to compete but to be an adjunct to them. Scott Schreiner is a gem enjoyed by many winter Texans as is Lady Bird. Add in the weekend and short-term visitors and the dollars they spend in restaurants, etc. Hard to measure. 

Congrats to our city council for recognizing the overall benefits this community enjoys. 

I know the Tivy golf teams and the Ingram golf teams will thank them for their broader view of Scott Schreiner’s value to our city. They practice and play there regularly. 

Respectfully, I think the paper made a “bogey” on this one. 

Chuck Motheral, Kerrville


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Mary Lou Shelton

nice letter Mr. Motheral. Sometimes things have importance far more than whether they are making or losing money.

Just like the ball fields, the golf course does bring people to town, they do spend money, and some do stay overnight, particularly for tournaments.

Thanks for your letter, gene

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