As Treasurer of the Kerr County Republican Party, it was my pleasure to be the organizer of the dinner with Ted Cruz last Friday night. Thank you to the 334 in attendance for your support of the Republican Party. Thank you also to those attendees who have written the Times regarding their coverage of the event. Isn’t it interesting how the insertion of just a few key words can make such a difference in a piece? And, as to who was or wasn’t there — who cares? The point of the event was the speaker, our own Sen. Ted Cruz, who made a couple of statements particularly worth remembering and repeating. One, “Socialism is communism with lipstick” and most importantly “If Texas goes blue next year, it’s game over!” This last statement needs to be a rallying cry for Kerr County and all of Texas. I urge every Republican in Kerr County to put on their work boots and running shoes and be prepared to work, work, work for your party’s candidates in 2020. We can’t afford to sit home and expect someone else to do it! We need each and every one to help stop the socialist train. Come by our HQ at 1226 Bandera Highway and ask how you can help. (Currently open 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday — more open days soon). We must “keep Texas red.” 

Shirley Barth, Kerrville


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Mary Lou Shelton

well, I can only hope that the game is truly over when the next election occurs. gene


Oh Lordy, help us all.

Mary Lou Shelton

well, I saw lying ted yesterday on several news shows. ever dancing around the questions, throwing out red herrings, changing the subject, gas lighting, and basically being the unprincipled and dishonest person he is. gene

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