Get the government to better enforce existing gun laws

Referring to the online question ( about federal control of taking guns. Once you open that door to Democrats, they will knock it down, and legislation regarding firearms will become a flood.

For years, failure by the FBI and ATF regarding background checks has been the cause of several cases of gun violence. Gun laws on the books now need to be followed before any talk of further red flag laws should be considered.

Commonsense steps need to be addressed but, they have to start at a local level with gun education in schools and evaluations of children who show signs of psychiatric issues.

Corey Hayes, Kerrville

High-tech signs don’t belong in the Hill Country

In reference to the recent article regarding Kerrville’s ultra-modern high-tech expensive cool but tacky electronic signs, I agree with Lady Bird, most signs are an insult to the area and those who live there. Most signs are unnecessary. Many Highway Department signs seem unwarranted and extravagant. Most signs are for the benefit of someone other than you. Most signs are to create revenue for someone other than you. For some unknown reason Kerr County attracts more signs per population than Time Square. Beautiful, rural, scenic town of Hunt has more than its share of signs. State Hwy. #39 is the primary route into Hunt. From the State Hwy. #39 at Schumacher Crossing to the Hunt school is 1.9 miles and there are 117 signs. The sign investment in this 1.9 mile stretch must exceed hundreds of thousands dollars. The big offender (79 signs) is the Texas Highway Department with some of its solar powered,digital signs costing in excess of $25,000 each. Challenging the State Highway Texas is impossible when they scream “safety” like some politicians scream “race.” Locals, however should be reminded that signs distract from the  natural beauty of the hill country. 

Jim Evans, Hunt


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Mary Lou Shelton

yep, thats always the mantra. lets pretend we have really good gun laws, the problem is just lax enforcement. or wait, maybe its the mentally ill, or maybe evil people, or maybe a dozen other things to cloud the issue. gene

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