These men and women generally aren’t the type to clamor for the spotlight. They tend to be the first to give others credit for a job well done, while they labor behind the scenes. They put their shoulder to the grindstone, working hard for causes they care about and find their rewards not in “thank-yous” but in the satisfaction of knowing they are giving their all to make a difference.

These helpers are the unsung heroes we honor with The Kerrville Daily Times Life’s Treasures Award. The award, given annually in partnership with the Dietert Center, recognizes people who make a difference but oftentimes are not the most well-known or visible members of our community.

Because these servants often work under the radar, The Times depends on its readers to help identify them. Again this year, we are asking readers to send our selection team names of individuals or couples they believe are deserving. If someone has been on your mind, we urge you to submit their name by the Friday deadline. 

The winners will be featured in a special edition, “Special Lives,” to be published on June 26 in The Kerrville Daily Times. Those worthy individuals will be honored and hopefully serve as an example for others in our community.

Nomination letters should include a brief summary with specific examples of what the individual or couple has done for others in the Kerr County community and the impact their efforts have made. It should chronicle past accomplishments or achievements, current activities, creativity, courage, serenity, wisdom, compassion, leadership and dedication.

Four individuals or couples will be selected. Those selected will receive an award and be honored with a reception at the Dietert Center in June. The deadline for nominations is Friday. 

Submit nominations to: The Kerrville Daily Times, Life’s Treasures, 429 Jefferson St., Kerrville, TX 78028, or email to Publisher Carlina Villalpando at

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