Proposed law would further protect children from violence

As a grandmother, I have always felt a responsibility to look out for my grandchildren. If I found out something bad was happening to them, I would do everything in my power to stop it. 

Half of the world’s children (nearly one billion!) have experienced a form of physical, mental, or sexual violence or neglect. Nearly one in three adolescent girls aged 15 to 19 has been a victim of emotional, physical, or sexual violence. 

My grandchildren might not fall within those statistics, but someone’s grandchild does. We ALL have a responsibility to help prevent violence against the world’s children. 

To most effectively address this issue, the U.S. needs to provide high-level leadership and coordination around violence against children. Right now, Congress has an opportunity to lead the effort, and they might miss it if they don’t hear from constituents like us. 

Rep. Poe (R-TX) and Rep. McGovern (D-MA) recently introduced H. Res. 230, a resolution that not only condemns all forms of violence against children and youth, but also calls for the development of a long-term strategy built upon evidence-based practices. It also establishes common metrics and indicators to better monitor progress across U.S. government agencies that prevent and address violence against children and youth globally. 

Would you join me in calling on Rep. Chip Roy to cosponsor H. Res. 230? We must do all we can to end violence against children globally so that every child has the opportunity to thrive. 

Wanda Griffin Kaiser, Fredericksburg

For the chronically ill living just above the poverty level, thriving is difficult

I am a sufferer of an life-altering illness.

Most people have no idea what a thyroid is let alone the fact that it controls every system in your body. Typically not life-threatening, hypothyroidism can be controlled. I, however can’t control it. Not being able to afford my medication has almost ended my life. I now have congestive heart failure as a side effect of not being able to afford my medication. I have no way to pay for the doctor and I fall just above the poverty level for assistance. 

I am a full-time college student. I graduate with honors in January, but I wish there was some sort of program that would help people like me with illnesses that must be treated for us to live. 

I cannot even get the Emergency Room to refill my medication. If no one else can do anything, I think I may have found my purpose and calling in life. I am going to try and begin a nonprofit organization for people like me; put my degree to good use.

Andrea Day, Kerrville


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