There’s something great going on in Kerrville when it comes to volunteerism and our senior residents, especially when it comes to those who need rides around town. 

KerrKonnect is just one of the programs that is helping improve the lives of our residents here in Kerrville, and this effort is a bright spot for the community that shows it cares. To say that this program has been successful is an understatement — it’s been wildly successful. Just consider some of these numbers: 

• Expectations were that 60-75 people would take advantage of the service, but 100 signed up for rides in the first three months.

• There are 100 riders on a waiting list.

• Each month has an average of 270 rides per month with roughly 50 volunteers providing office help and rides.

Clearly this is a terrific program, which has exceeded even the most baseline of expectations, but how can we keep the momentum building? 

The first step is for volunteers, donations and awareness about the needs of our neighbors. Not everyone reads our paper, is online or knows how to take advantage of these kinds of programs. 

If you know someone who may have mobility issues, including giving up driving, let them know about KerrKonnect and the affordable options it offers for our senior residents. 

For this Editorial Board, this project aligns perfectly with our Kerrville Kind campaign, because it exudes the sort of support and neighborliness that makes this one of the best places in the country to live.

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Congrats to the folks that make this program work. Thank you very much for your efforts bringing this service up to operating status.

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