Bad cat adoption experience 

I responded to a Facebook post with a picture of a cat. I called and within 2 hours I was at the shelter to adopt the cat.

I was surprised that they let me take a feral cat home that had not been neutered.

They offered a free two-week “family fit” period. They called on the exact day my two weeks was up. I returned to finalize my adoption and pay the fee.

They made me sign some paperwork and offered me a list of veterinarians to get him spayed, along with a discount coupon.

Then, to my shock and dismay, they informed me that I had 30 days to get him spayed or I would be subject to arrest and a misdemeanor charge. Wow, I could not believe it. I’m adopting a cat and I’m being threatened with arrest? 

Perhaps that works because I hustled to the Vet and paid $150. For his shots and neutering. On exactly 30 days later they called me about it. The Vet told me they would send the paperwork to Kerr County. I guess they found the paperwork because I did not receive another call.

I agree with Amy Price who wrote that a [dog]should be neutered before it leaves the shelter. Someone told me the SPCA does that.

I’m not inclined to ever adopt an animal again from Kerr County Animal Services because of the threat of a misdemeanor. I wonder if you can find out how many citizens have been arrested and charged for not getting the adopted animal neutered. 

Denise H. Cartwright, Hunt


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