On Feb. 28, the Daily Times reported Councilman Sigerman’s suggestion for a task force to discuss the reasons for the homeless in Kerrville.  At the time, she mentioned two recognizable homeless residents.  

Other new committees were being formed so such a task force would be postponed. This was a humanitarian nod to the homeless populations exploding everywhere. But the concern is real as homelessness affects tourism. Homelessness is a modern infrastructure item. Infrastructure is the number-one priority on the 2050 Community Plan.

Driving our streets in May, it appears the homeless population is growing. On the West Coast, your heart breaks for the ‘discarded’ humans on every street. I think Councilman Sigerman’s suggestion warrants pursuing, now. California, Oregon and Washington have homelessness beyond their control. Your soul has to be dead to just pass these bodies by and forbid the implications of the sight to penetrate your skin.

San Antonio received a busload of illegal immigrants in March. The missions and shelters were already full. The news did not say who made up the shelter populations, but illegal immigrants would probably not be asked to move. 

If those residents were plain old American citizens whose failures resulted in homelessness, they probably took their backpacks and left the shelters to the illegals. 

Where did these folks go?  How many are now on the streets?  How many are now in Kerrville?  Is there some practical measure we can take to help the few homeless that we currently have?  Other small towns must be seeing some of the homeless. Ms. Sigerman, our City Council needs to save a few infrastructure bucks, please, for the homeless task force.  

Susan Deininger, Kerrville


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