Wow! Free psychoanalysis for the losers in the recent election. Think of the money you saved. I am sure the second place finishers will take your advice to heart; such insight from the writer. 

“Inflated sense of self-importance.” That sounds serious! I wonder if they should check themselves in now or later, maybe after some therapy, perhaps. 

To one of the second-place finishers (insert Darth Vader theme music here), I think if you can find one of those retreats that specialize in meditation and perhaps a mild dose of mind-altering drugs — you will see the light! Halleluah! 

After reading the writer’s formula for your transformation, I suggest some things he left out: when bringing your concerns to the council, keep your head bowed, do not look any member in the eye; it’s “yes, sir, no ma’am,” — you know the drill. After speaking, back out of the room. Yeah, that should do it. 

A final thought: Politics is a blood sport, winner take all! As that one-time West Coast philosopher, Rodney King, plaintively asked during a news conference after being dragged from his truck and beaten: “Can’t we all just along?”

Uh, no! We cannot! Never have, never will — don’t believe me? Take any period in history, somebody is telling somebody else to do things “their way,” most of the time using force to get the point across. 

Congrats to the new council members. Remember, do not ask questions, vote the same as the other members, be willing to lead the council in singing “Kumbaya.”

P.S. If anyone thinks I have taken a side here they would be wrong. I think it goes something like this: if I want your advice, I will ask for it. Enough said.

Rex Little, Kerrville


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