Just a few things I have been wondering about….

Why was Judge Kavanaugh immediately presumed guilty of sexual assault by many people although there was not a shred of evidence, but Jussie Smollet — the actor who police and a grand jury claimed staged a racist incident against himself — was immediately presumed innocent by these same folks, even though the evidence for his guilt was overwhelming?

Why are some politicians and most of Hollywood against a border wall, but every single one of them have barriers around their own properties?

And how about the politicians who are protected with many guns, preaching about how we need to outlaw guns, except of course, the ones protecting them?

Did you ever notice how, if anyone offered any disapproval of President Obama, suddenly, people were in a frenzy and hollering “racism”,  yet look at how they are completely against President Trump at every turn. 

Did you ever notice the people against our military, law enforcement and border patrol would have no problem calling law enforcement if they were in trouble? 

If I hear one more politician rattling on about how “no one is above the law” I just may scream. I am pretty sure if I deleted thousands of subpoenaed emails, I would be in a heap of trouble. No, I know I would be.

Hypocrisy is alive and well. It astounds me that people just do not seem able to see their own glaringly apparent hypocritical moves. Of course, if you point it out, you will just be told you are “racist.”

Cynthia McBride, Mountain Home 


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Mary Lou Shelton

yes, just look to the Republican Party for hypocrisy and you will find an ample helping. gene


Gene, as an alternative, look right here in Kerrville, but that would be off limits for both Dems and Republicans as they want to be very, very careful not to rock the boat.

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