The results, as of Friday, are in on a poll released on The Times’ website asking people to weigh in on public-employee raises.

We asked this question: Various local government entities are considering employee salary increases as they craft their 2019-20 budgets. What’s your opinion on how they should go about deciding on raises? Which of the following statements do you most agree with? Here’s a breakdown of support for each statement. 

26.2% — They should give raises based on merit alone.

3% — They should give raises only if they are anticipating more revenue.

45.7% — They should take into account the increase in cost of living, and give raises to everyone.

14.6% — They should give raises only if employees are underpaid compared to similar agencies.

10.4% — They should give raises only to teachers, police officers, EMTs and firefighters.


This week’s poll question, on whether high-capacity ammunition magazines should be banned, continues to receive responses online. It is at, to the right of the page as you scroll down. 

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The best thing we can do for our fire and police is give them the right for collective bargaining. As things stand now, our police and firemen are "at will" employees and can be fired without cause. Empowering our police will put a stop to much of the nonsense currently going on at KPD. In my opinion, if the KPD had a contract, Gary Stork would never have walked out of his interview, and certainly not with his handgun, and Peggy would be alive today. Politics play too big of a part in our policing, and put an exponent on that for the KCSD.

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