Fredericksburg is a hub while Kerrville seems to be a dub!! OK, you who proclaim to be “ health professionals,” WHO screwed up, and WHO is big enough to fess up. Counties around us have vaccines for their seniors, and I don’t know if all the front line workers and nursing home residents and caretakers have been taken care of. It’s time for the buck to stop!! Someone either isn’t doing their job or not doing it well. It is time for the citizens of Kerr County to have real answers. Maybe someone’s head needs to roll. If this is too big for them to handle, perhaps we can hire someone from one of the counties that got the job done. Seems like the local newspaper could get some answers.

Charles Motheral, Kerrville

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Kimberlee Keller

Yes, I agree with you, Mr. Motheral. It seems that someone or something is preventing the vaccine from getting to Kerrville. If that's the case, then Kerrville should be made into a hub to ensure people in our community can be vaccinated here instead of having to drive out of town. Whatever...something needs to be done or Kerrville is going to be left out in the cold to fend for itself which could have negative consequences.


This is very true,great

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