I am extremely disappointed that an educated person such as Fred Gamble would so misrepresent HB 3979, signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott in June of this year. That law prevents the teaching of Marxist-inspired Critical Race Theory, while ensuring American and Texas history are taught fully and in the context of the times in which the events occurred. That does not seem like burying history to me. I would talk to the teacher’s unions and school boards if you have a problem with the amount of time spent on history and civics.

CRT is the anti-American supposition that America was founded by racists for the purpose of subjugating the Black race through law and culture. This is a lie, repeated often by the left. Slavery was common all over the world during the colonization and founding of America. England ended slavery only 32 years before we did. The writers of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution understood ending slavery would be a long, slow, legal process. Slavery still exists today, in many forms, all over the world. Context is important.

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