I’ve had the privilege of submitting a number of letters to the editor in the KDT over the course of my residency in Kerrville and appreciate the opportunities I’ve had over the years for the freedom to express my views. This will be my final entry. My husband and I have enjoyed over ten years of living in the Texas Hill Country for our retirement and never expected to leave, but due to health concerns, we are in the process of moving to Northwest Arkansas. I want to express my deepest gratitude for the wonderful years we’ve spent here, for the people we’ve gotten to know, for the wonderful friends we’ve been blessed to make, for the interesting places we’ve visited around the area, but mostly, we’re grateful for our church family at Kerrville Bible Church, where the expository teaching we received from God’s Holy Word was paramount to the growth of our faith. I send accolades to Peggy Schmiidt, Chair of the Caring for America committee I was privileged to serve on, so keep up the good work, Peggy! I’m also thankful for my membership in the Joshua D. Brown Chapter of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas for connecting me to my native ancestry ( I will miss you all), so being a Texan and saying goodbye to the Lone Star State won’t be easy. To see Kerrville slowly disappear in my rearview mirror will no doubt bring tears, but a new chapter is beginning and I’m excited now to see where this new adventure will lead. Thank you, Kerrville and dear friends, for the memories we will cherish for years to come.

Elizabeth Williamson, Kerrville


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