We’re asking residents this question: How confident or pessimistic are you about the likelihood that Kerrville will be a great place to live, work and raise children in 20 years? To answer, click here.

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It would be interesting to know what they base their answer on. I selected "Pessimistic" because Texas is turning blue, as is Kerrville. Liberal policies never result in prosperity except for a few elites. It's already happening in Kerrville.

Mary Lou Shelton

arm, it really has far more to do with technology than a political orientation. automation and outsourcing caused massive job loss in this country, and helped to create an elite class. but you aint seen nothing yet. just wait till artificial intelligence blossoms. you are going to see even more job loss, and the creation of another elite group. too bad you cant unwrap your head long enough to see a little bit of reality instead of continually blaming this group or the other. gene


Arm, the only reason Kerrville is turning liberal is because your Party allows a small group to handpick the candidates for Judges, DA and Sheriff. The GOB do this for profit, and run this county with boss rule. Just look at the last Mayor / CC election? Where were the conservative voters on that one, and just look at the entrenched interests that supported the takeover? It was the same old worn out group that is at the very heart of the problem. Conservatives should run this city and this county, but they don't. They seem to be intimidated by the GOB's, whose sole political ideology revolves around putting cash in their own pocket.

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