Label columnist as political writer

Although I appreciate the opportunity for a valued local senior who has lived an interesting and dedicated life to write a weekly column in our newspaper, I do not appreciate that column not being labeled what it frequently is, a Republican conservative political  analyst assessment.  Verna Bernham’s column identifies her as a retired foreign service officer and local resident.  However, she has wandered into political commentary the majority of her columns.  Other such columns ( not local) correctly identify authors as political commentators.  Please identify her correctly when she makes political commentary and invite the opposite side equal time for a local resident.

Linda Smith, Kerrville 

Response to Shelton on Trump, Republicans

I accept the fact that Gene Shelton has the right to bash our President; however, his painting with a broad brush including all Republicans is too much. If you prefer to publish such vitriol rather than any civilized debate, I, for one, will cancel my subscription to the Kerrville Daily Times. This man is out of his head and cannot see anything but that Hillary lost. His compass is stuck on Left to the detriment of our country. 

James Coulter, Kerrville

Maybe Mexico needs its own southern wall

If President Trump is convinced that a U.S. southern border wall will stop immigrants, why isn’t he demanding that Mexico build its own southern border wall to stop Central Americans from entering Mexico on their way to the U.S.?  Maybe we can pay for that wall also.

Eileen Block, Kerrville

In response to harsh words

I just finished reading the letter to the editor from Gene Shelton in the June 12 edition of The Times. He gravely insulted our duly elected president and commander in chief.

Good old Gene. We Trump supporters can always count on Good old Gene, as well as Cokie and Steven Roberts, to raise our blood pressure and to make us shake our heads in disbelief to the hate spewing forth from their one-way minds.

Here is a mild paragraph from Gene’s letter: “Now I fully understand the inability of people to admit error, and the lengths to which they will go to engage in delusional thinking, but you would think that occasionally reality would intrude into their world.” 

I think Good Old Gene might have been in the bathroom shaving and looking at himself in the mirror when he thought of that profound statement. You think? 

Gene, please get off the Trump-bashing bandwagon and channel your energy elsewhere. We Republicans, and I believe most Democrats, are tired of all the hate from all sources.

Before you write future letters, read Mrs. Verna Benham’s “How She Sees It” next to your letter. This is how one can politely, and with civility, bash both sides and leaving us readers nodding our heads “Yes, we agree.” 

Phil Spalding, Kerrville


(10) comments

Mary Lou Shelton

Mr. Spalding, Wow, i insulted the president by citing his his well documented behaviors. How awful of me to point out the truth, yet you call it bashing. In all honesty, the clown in the White House insults my sense of honesty, fairness, and decency on a daily basis. And if you are tired of hate, then perhaps you should have a word with your republican county chair and her minions. As to the paragraph you cite about delusional thinking, how would you characterize the continual denial of easily obtainable factual data? So I ask you, can you factually refute my statements regarding Trump's actions? Gene


Congratulations Gene. I see you have taken the first step, although a baby step, in confronting the local political machine..."you should have a word with your republican county chair and her minions." There is much common ground between the good folks of Kerr County that identify as Democrats and Republicans, but the local dems refuse to stand up to and take on local issues. For example, the local community is overwhelmingly opposed to Lucy Ortiz/Cavasos/Wilke's ethical and moral grounding, as expressed in her relentless pursuit of Kevin Franke and Deron Belford, and they see through the dirty dealing in the Gus Schreiner case. Why don't you take a stand locally, on the side of decency and fairness? It is a target rich environment and you will start to establish common ground with locals Repubs, as opposed to endless jousting over national issues, which has accomplished nothing.


Gene, seems that you have the malady that you claim that the President has. Hate!!


The malady I see in many posts is fear, and fear comes in many forms. I see such spirit in political debate at the national level, where there is no skin in the game, but there is nothing but crickets at the local level, regardless of the policies or transgressions.

Mary Lou Shelton

Mr. Coulter, For some reason my response to you was not received/accepted. So I will start over: First, you are correct in that I should not have painted all republicans with the same broad brush. I have always been careful in the past to say many or most. In fact, polls show about 80% of the shrinking Republican Party fully supports Trump. As to bashing, I simply stated the well documented behaviors of our president. So if I am a basher, what does that make the person that actually engages in the behaviors? Out of my head? I report easily documented things. Are you saying that Trump did not engage in those behaviors? Do you have data you can provide to disprove my statements? The major problem I see with this country is that we have far too many people who do scant information seeking or critical thinking about what they heard/read. And of course the obligatory outrage and call for censorship when they read something they don't like. BTW, I was not a Hiliary supporter, so you might want to try a different angle on that one. Gene

Mary Lou Shelton

Ms. Smith, There was a time when Ms. B. and her husband wrote interesting, informative columns will very little veering into politics. In the last couple of years though, she has chosen to engage in mostly political types of commentary. This doesn't really bother me, but her appalling lack of knowledge and superficial thinking does bother me. I suggested some time back that all opinion pieces be headed by the statement "The following comments are the opinion of the writer, and may have little basis in reality". Alas, my suggestion was not accepted. I also suggested hiring a fact checker, but that too was not accepted. I suspect that would really have a suppressing effect on many writers. Gene

Mary Lou Shelton

not at all political. just disgust with him as a person, and continued amazement at those who excuse his actions. I agree with some of his administrations policies, but polices and the person are different things. I liked a lot of Clintons policies, but I thought he had serious moral and ethical lapses. but I will add that your response was pretty lame and shows a shallow understanding of the point I am trying to make. gene

Mary Lou Shelton

and political, in re-reading my letter, I did not say a word about trump being a hater. what were you reading? gene

Mary Lou Shelton

but let me give some credit where it is due: I have seen only 2 people acknowledge the vile behavior of trump-neither excused it a whit- both said they liked many of his policies which is fine. some of the policies may end up working out well. only time will tell. one was Ms. B. in a couple of fairly recent columns, and the other was Armadillo (Steve Lehman). for the majority of writers, abject apologists, hypocrites of the worst sort from the party of God, honesty, fair play, and concern for the common man. after 8 years of reading the anti-obama comments and editorials in this paper, your sudden outrage about someone insulting your dear leader is indicative of your blind partisanship. so I will ask again: can you deny that trump is a liar, that he has cheated workmen, that he has settled multiple lawsuits, that he is such a bad businessman that he went bankrupt 5 times, that he has engaged in sexually predatory behavior, that he is an serial adulterer, and that he avoided the draft courtesy of a friendly md. and conservative, enough of your juvenile attempts to bait me. other than you, I have been one of the most vocal critic of many of the actions of our local appointed and elected officials, particularly the district attorneys office. I am still waiting to hear how much the hiring of a discredited expert witness cost the city. all due to the zeal of the prosecution to get another death penalty-another notch in their belt so to speak. perhaps you could give a little credit where it is due and go bait someone else. gene


Gene, I could not understand this sentence "for the majority of writers, abject apologists, hypocrites of the worst sort from the party of God, honesty, fair play, and concern for the common man.", but I like the use of "hypocrites" and "concern for the common man" in the same sentence. Are you and the Kerr County Dems concerned about the common man? I don't think so because collectively, you guys have not said or done one thing politically to defend the common man in the place where you live, and believe me, the common man is in deep trouble here. I see raving about Trump and selfies with Beto and all kinds of attention seeking, but not one item of pragmatic political action or speech directed locally, the only place where it really matters.

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