Of all the polls we’ve conducted on The Daily Times website none generated more interest than the one we asked about who their favorite candidate was for the Kerr County Sheriff. 

Over the course of last week, we had a record 1,158 people cast a vote for one of their favorites among the five candidates who have signaled their interest in running for the seat that will be vacated by retiring Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer next year. 

If there’s an underlying story here, it’s that the race will be competitive and potentially expensive — just judging from the interest in our poll. 

Center Point resident and retired Texas Department of Public Safety officer Larry Leitha garnered the most interested with 38% of respondents saying he would earn their vote. However, not far behind at 32%, was Kerr County Sheriff’s Sgt. Eli Garcia. Former Los Angeles police officer Mitch Lambdin also polled strongly with 18%, while current Kerr County Sheriff's Office Captain Carol Twiss was fourth with 11% and Tommy Hill, a county corrections officer, finished fifth with 1%. 

Now, this is a way-too-early poll, but it’s interesting to see the sentiment. This is by far the largest participation since we started posting polls; it easily eclipsed the interest of 885 people who responded about what fast food place they wanted on Aug. 4.


This week we will tackle the job performance of the Kerr County Commissioners Court — a question we haven’t asked in a long time. 

The question is: How do you feel about the job performance of the Kerr County Commissioners Court? 

Strongly approve



Strongly disapprove 

Have no opinion. 

That question will be up for the remainder of the week. 


We asked our Facebook audience on Sunday whether they wanted to keep Daylight Savings Time — remember we fell back on Sunday morning — or punt it down the road. 

The response was swift and decisive with 74% saying get rid of it.  

Daylight savings time has been one of those hot button issues across the country, some calling it stupid, and last year California and Florida voters opted to get rid of it. However, those decisions need Congressional approval before being implemented. 

The idea, of course, was cooked up during World War I in an effort to extend the day, save energy and help the war effort. It’s stuck ever since — except in Hawaii and most of Arizona — and we still fall back and spring forward. 


A University of Texas poll, which was released last Friday, indicates a small plurality of people in Texas feel that Congress is justified in its impeachment investigations. The poll found 46% of respondents supported the investigation, while 42% opposed. The remaining lot were either unsure or not paying attention. 

Of course, the underlying message here is that Texas, like the nation, is polarized along partisan lines. The poll found that 84% of Democrats here supported the impeachment investigations, while 78% of Republicans were opposed to the investigations.  


The exit of Beto O’Rourke from the 2020 presidential race means there is only one candidate remaining who can beat President Donald Trump in Texas — Joe Biden. This is according to a poll by the University of Texas, Tyler showed O’Rourke would narrowly beat Trump in Texas 42%-40%, but the former Congressional representative from El Paso could never muster the national enthusiasm he needed to stay in the race. 

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This Sheriff's race is more about policy than qualification, in my opinion. If none of the candidates run as a reform candidate, they might as well plan to attend Larry Leitha’s victory party. Twiss and Leitha would be hard pressed to criticize Hierholzer’s policy of importing prisoners, continual expansion of the jail, jailing minor offenses like no driver’s license first offense, < 2 oz marijuana…etc., and disregard for the Texas Attorney General's order for Lynx Haven and Camp Mystic to remove the barriers in the river. If the campaigns are centered on background and qualifications, I don’t think Mitch Lambdin has a chance. On the other hand, If Lambdin campaigns on reform and cost cutting, then we will have a horse race. I don’t think the people want more of the same. I think the good people of Kerr County are ready for a change. If Lambdin can make the race about restoring integrity and cutting unnecessary costs, he will prevail.

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