At last!  We now have the city council of our dreams.  The Dream Team.

 There will be no more bickering or discord or arguments or hard feelings or pettiness or annoyances. 

There will be no more need for questions or discussion or probing or investigation.  All will march forward in lock-step with common views towards a common goal while proudly speaking out with but a single voice.

 What could possibly go wrong?

Tod Schulenberg, Kerrville


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Question... Will there be a "posting" for each Realtor meeting? Open House? Caravan? Just a thought....


Absolutely right Tod. Council meetings will be very short. Every decision will have been discussed with the GOBs beforehand. The real estate council will march as ordered by the money that made the elections of this year and two years ago. G

POPE crystal ball shows "developer incentives" on the horizon....

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