A gala at the Y.O. 

I was honored to join 300 people to hear Senator Ted Cruz (age 48) speak on behalf of the Republican Party. I just nibbled on the dinner of grilled chicken, beans and potatoes because I was so excited. Thanks to Ted Cruz and the Republican Party we have more jobs and higher wages for minorities; contrasting to socialism and high taxes of the democrats. Our two parties are like a growling bulldog and a german shepherd. We need compromise. Cruz is building homes for veterans, homeless people and mentally ill people. Young adults were the color guard and we pledged allegiance to the American and Texan flags. We are loyal patriots for our democracy not socialism. Finally I have been vapor cigarette free for three months! Thank you support group!

Beth Bradley, Kerrville

Thanks to Center for Fitness

Thanks to The Center For Fitness for providing a very pleasant family oriented fitness center these past 20 years. Thanks to Eddie and Gail Sears and to Kathy Hall. Always a friendly staff, and has the hometown feeling that is rapidly leaving our town. Many thanks for all your hard work these past 20 years. 

Chuckie Cook, Kerrville

Piece on Cruz visit has leftist slant, is fuel for racism 

Referencing your article in Saturday’s paper written by Sean Batura, I’d have to say it read like a poorly written high school newsletter, if even that.   

What was the importance or reason of describing the people who came to hear what Senator Cruz had to say? A few of these, a few of that, a former that, five college kids, no city council members, old people — seriously! 

Here’s where I really take issue with Mr. Batura: “the vast majority were white”  The left slant here would lead me to think Mr. Batura was implementing his own political preference by implying those attending were well ... just white! 

Was the intent here to imply those attending were all racist white Republicans? It angers me to no end for any news media to entice and feed racism for their own political views, even if it is ever so slightly slipped in an article!  

I don’t subscribe nor pay for personal political views of this newspaper’s employees. The visit by Ted Cruz was open to the public. It was a Friday night and most young families where probably at a football game. Did you interview all 300-plus people as to what their ethnic background was? You missed me if you did — in fact, my whole table! Did any city council member need to attend to validate Senator Cruz’s informational talk? I think not. Again, Mr. Batura, what exactly was your point in mentioning that none of them attended?

FYI ... If you have ever traveled in Mexico or know its history, you’d see a lot of blond, blue-eyed, fair-skinned German Mexicans! They don’t all come brown ... just saying. May have been some in that room Friday night listening to Senator Cruz with all of us “white” people!  

Marian Ezell, Kerr County


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Mary Lou Shelton

2 rather stunning letters accusing the reporter of racism because he accurately reported the make up of the meeting. the point, which I think both complainers missed, is that lying ted was talking about reaching out and creating more diversity, but his audience was not very diverse. nationwide, the strongest supporters are white men over 60, and the audience reflected that.

seriously, are you trying to tell me that the modern day republican party represents the makeup of this country?

you guys are the biggest whiners in the world. look at what your party actually does, not the fancy words they spew out. it must be awful to be accurately described. gene


Seriously? Just look at the photos of the Senate = lots of old white guys. Did anyone ask Raphael Cruz what was his basis for being responsible for the government shutdown in 2013 (=$24 billion loss)?

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