San Antonio’s Alamodome is expansive and impressive. 

What’s remarkable about the Alamodome is that music can fill that space with vibrance, emotion and joy. That’s exactly how we remember Tivy High School’s marching band coming onto the field on Monday afternoon — joyful. 

Performing in its first University Interscholastic League State Marching Band Championship since 1983, Tivy’s band put on a great show, and it was a performance that the band members will never forget. After all, who can forget performing in a space that big?

“It was exhilarating,” Drum Major Jake Irby told The Kerrville Daily Times in the moments after the competition. “I loved every moment of it. It was purely in the moment and it was everything that a performer could ask for.”

Irby’s words are validation of the kind of young man he is and his appreciation for his bandmates, but also the process of getting to the state championship. 

Tivy didn’t have the finish it wanted, placing 33 out of 34 bands, but the Antlers grew through a season that began in January. Principal Shelby Balser said she remembered how hard the band worked in July, at a time when only a handful were on campus, and how much time they put into their routine of classical dance music through the start of school. 

See, the one thing that is clear — and any band parent knows this — is it takes a community effort to put this together. Every step of a band competition requires several community volunteers to throw their weight behind the effort — a lot of the time it’s just muscle, but it’s also financial contributions. 

On Monday, as the band was preparing to march out, there were a few seconds of silence in the Alamodome before a woman shouted, “GO TIVY.” That drew a large applause from the hundreds of parents, friends, family and teachers who made the drive to San Antonio. If you love Kerrville, it was a moment to treasure. 

However, the real treasure here is that this effort was orchestrated by a remarkable quartet of educators led by veteran music teacher Roxanne Vickers. Joined by fellow teachers Erica Garcia, Tyler McClendon and Nick Rodriguez, they pulled together a band composed of high school students and a handful from Peterson Middle School to build something that is only going to get better. 

Most importantly, the community’s commitment to this effort is something we should all be proud of, cherish and continue to support. It’s the best of us, it’s the best of Kerrville Independent School District and the best of our hometown. 

Congratulations, Tivy High School band, on a job well done and a bright future.

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