Our weekly poll asking about what forms of energy residents of Kerrville prefer when it comes to generating electricity showed that residents like the idea of renewables, but still liked natural gas. 

We had 97 people respond to the poll asking them to choose from wind, solar, natural gas or coal.

We did not ask about nuclear power. 

When it came to choice, 37% said they preferred power from natural gas plants versus those from wind turbines, but it was slim. In fact, 31% said they prefer their power from wind energy, where Texas is one of the nation’s leaders in production. 

However, more than 50% were in favor of wind and solar. The numbers aren’t surprising, considering a Gallup Poll from earlier this year that found Americans were overwhelmingly in favor of developing wind and solar resources against any other type of energy generation.

The biggest loser? Well, it’s coal with only 11 people saying they prefer energy from coal power plants. Earlier this year, wind energy accounted for 22% of the state’s electrical generation — edging out coal for the first time. 

One way we may consider framing this question in the future would be an “all of the above” question — one including gas, wind, solar, nuclear and coal. 

Right here in Kerrville, the Kerrville Public Utility Board has exactly the sort of approach that includes a diverse portfolio of sources from natural gas, wind and solar. When it comes to its offerings here’s how it breaks down: 

46% natural gas.

13% wind.

6% coal. 

2.6% solar. 


The race to succeed retiring Kerr County Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer is less than a year away, and there’s already a crowded field shaping up to succeed him — and all of the candidates have a deep background in law enforcement. 

The candidates are: 

Eli Garcia

Tommy Hill

Mitch Lambdin

Larry Leitha

Carol Twiss

And, yes, this is too early, but we have to ask: who do you favor when it comes to succeeding Hierholzer? You can click here and make a vote. We’ll publish the results next week. 


The Kerr County Fair wrapped up this weekend, and we had some fun with four questions about food offerings at the fair, but the reality is the questions drew the weakest response we’ve had from readers. The four polls generated only 236 responses on Facebook — combined. 

Most of our one-off Facebook polls generate that in a single day, but our participants didn’t seem to be particularly interested in answering the question, even if it was a fun one. 

The one that got the most participation was about fresh lemonade vs. a handmade soda, with 73 votes. The least engaged? A question asking readers if they preferred alligator to eat vs. Shawarma only generated 38 votes, with alligator winning. 

Look for more Kerr County Fair questions coming up in the future. 


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