Animal control center has serious legal responsibility

In response to Denise Cartwright’s Letter to the Editor “Bad Cat Adoption Experience” as published August 14, I would like to state that the requirement for an adopter to sterilize a dog or cat adopted from a public shelter, in this case Kerr County Animal Services (KCAS), is required by law via Texas Health and Safety Code. Section 828.003(a)(5) clearly states that a violation of the agreement is a “criminal offense punishable as a Class C misdemeanor.”

 When I adopted my dog from KCAS, the adoption paperwork included a Sterilization Agreement which clearly outlined my obligation to neuter my pup by a specified date consistent with Section 828.003 and the punishment for violating this agreement, a Class C misdemeanor. 

As an animal advocate and taxpayer, I am pleased that KCAS completed a timely follow-up on Ms. Cartwright’s Family Fit Agreement and subsequently her adoption Sterilization Agreement, both of which she acknowledges she signed. It is unfortunate if there were communication issues between her veterinarian and KCAS; however, it is grossly unfair to condemn KCAS’s adoption process and to complain about calls she received from KCAS staff consistent with the dates stated in her signed paperwork.

I concur that it would be best if all adopted animals of age were sterilized and received a rabies vaccine prior to leaving KCAS, and hopefully in time this will be the reality. In the interim, KCAS now offers adopters the option of having their new pet sterilized and vaccinated at Hill Country Animal League prior to taking their new pet home. This is a definitely a step in the right direction, and I hope other local veterinary clinics will partner with KCAS to do the same.

Brenda Hughes, Kerrville


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