Praise for musical show, thanks to community 

What a fabulous, wonderful show on Saturday at the Cailloux Theatre put on by Shoji Tabuchi — a very talented, multifaceted violinist! Shoji played a variety of music, from country-western, Cajun, big band, pop, jazz, 50s-60s to classical, something for everyone. The show also included a very talented cast of singers, dancers and musicians. The show last night also featured  some wonderful music and entertainment from his Christmas show. Shoji will be performing at his theater back in Branson, Missouri, from September to December. If you are in Branson, be sure to check out his show — you will not be disappointed.

Thank you, Kerrville, for bringing this most wonderful show and talented artist to us. 

Judy Perry, Kerrville

Republican voters, take note of Democrat debates

They want a welfare state for our nation, and that is to include all illegal folks. Before you think I don’t like Mexican folks — and you would be wrong — let me tell you that I grew up some years of my life on a ranch on the border. I played with them as a child and love them. We have a labor force already in trouble and more illegal immigrants would just hurt those who work so hard who are citizens already.   

 So it’s up to you again. If you don’t vote, then we lose that which we love so much. God Bless America!  

Marie Jo Watson, Kerrville


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