Upscale restaurant, shopping center would have been better than bank

How many of us common, ordinary folks were surprised to learn that a new bank is to built in the downtown area? What happened to the promised upscale restaurant and customer-friendly shopping center with a variety of small stores to entice not only local residents but also the many visitors that come to this friendly town? Didn’t our city council promise us this was going to happen, as they painted a glowing vision of the future of our downtown that is, to me, at least, somewhat blah? I suspect money speaks and the more the money the louder it speaks. Sad.

Doris Roepke, Kerrville

Border crisis is manufactured by media, special interests

Just read the Charles Holder article on children in DHS/ICE custody and have to say, this article hit on all the Fox News Talking Points — yes,  Fox News (one that is not a news organization but a propaganda machine). They too use bad statistics, words like ‘invasions’ and ‘drug trafficking’ and ‘disease’.

But they fail to mention that the DHS and ICE told the public a year ago that they were not separating children from their parents/relatives, yet that practice continues to this day; one which created the children-in-detention problem. Cabinet members and leaders of both the DHS/ICE have quit and resigned and will be held to account over this manufactured “crisis” at the border.

The only people who are sleeping good at night are the nonprofits and sometimes unlicensed jailers who are bilking millions from the taxpayers. People like John Kelley, who runs the largest detention camp is charging the government over $750 per child per day. That should be the focus of your outrage.

Norm Medina, Kerrville


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