I remain amazed at the number of people who believe the City determines and limits what businesses come into Kerrville and where those businesses locate.

In the Monday paper, you published a letter complaining that a bank would be located on the Sidney Baker and Main Street corner instead of the “upscale restaurant and customer-friendly shopping center with a variety of small stores.” Apparently the writer of the letter believes the City Council promised this. It didn’t.

A basic course on capitalism is needed. This corner was owned by an individual who has done much for this community. It was his to sell or lease and the City could not and would not dictate to him whom he sold the property to.

Again, I am amazed at the people who ask me for the City to not allow any more banks, nail salons, or fast-food, fried-chicken places as if as the City had control over that.

If a business finds Kerrville a promising place for their operation and they abide by our laws, zoning, and building regulations, they can start that business here. 

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I read your letter to the editor today. It is beyond comprehension that people dont understand basic things like property rights. Judging by some of the comments you see on the local FB "news sites" (I am using this description loosely) it is rampant. It is this lack of education that prevents us from attracting quality companies to our city. We simply have a severe educated workforce deficiency. Avery's opening/expanding their HQ in Round Rock is just another example. We have a lot of folks that move here with no job skills and think they will just figure out a way to make it work. Then complain that they cant afford to live here.


Mayor Blackburn, thank you for the thoughtful letter. I sense that you are frustrated by repeated inquiry regarding development in Kerrville. I would ask that you be a little more understanding of the nature of the inquiry. Kerrville is a unique small town, and it is hard to understand exactly what the role of government is, and what the limits are, based on past actions. I would encourage you not to talk down to the KDT readers. We can boast of a socialized rifle range and now City Manager just wrote an LTE indicating the city will act to provide “affordable housing”. Revitalization of downtown is a never ending source of public spending, so one may wonder if the taxpayers actually have some control in the development of downtown. I have read your resume and find it very impressive, but I do not see any history that would put you in a position to give us a lesson in capitalism. I am a capitalist, and from my view, you and the council are the capitalist’s prize, as you control the largest revenue stream and dole out the big contracts and grants. Kerrville is a wealthy place, but outside of some silver jewelry and an occasional airplane, there are no deals to be done here. Government is the largest industry and the capitalist game here is to compete for market share, and put your guy in office to access a bigger piece of the tax pie.


I don't ever recall a politician speaking in such a demeaning way to his constituents. In fact, this is the second LTR wherein you declare your amazement at how stupid the people of Kerrville are. I don't think your handlers will approve of this LTE.

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