Current gun laws aren’t good enough

A recent writer claimed that all we needed to do to address gun violence is, “enforce the laws we already have”. That’s a common NRA speaking point, but it hides the fact that our laws are inadequate. Here are two examples that prove the point: The database used for background checks, the NICS, is kept by the feds, but populated by states. The state reporting of felonies to the database is completely voluntary. That’s the law. Also by law, a dealer requesting a background check must receive a response within three days, or the sale can automatically go through. That’s the law. So when a disgruntled young man recently bought an AK-47 and hid it in a park as part of his mass-killing plan, the sale was legal despite the fact that he had (a reported) felony and a denial was not issued in the three-day window. That’s the law.

The background check laws are riddled with holes. I’ve listed just two examples, there are many more. Of course, the NRA knows of all these holes (they insisted on most of them), but they make the “enforce the law” argument nonetheless. It is not just hypocritical of them, it is dangerous for all of us. And they know it.

Niel Powers, Kerrville

Thanks for action to help preserve small-town charm

I wanted to thank all of the members of our community and the business leaders who attended the Aug. 15 Kerrville Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, especially those who spoke in favor of keeping electronic signs at a maximum of 32 square feet. I also wanted to thank the Planning & Zoning commissioners for agreeing to keep the 32 square feet maximum size. 

Many people mentioned that our city’s economy and many of our businesses rely on tourism. As the 2050 Comprehensive Plan Vision Statement says, we need to preserve the small town charm of Kerrville so that tourists will continue to come here. Larger signs would take away part of this “Hill Country charm” and make us look like many other towns. 

Larger electronic signs would also increase light pollution. Since one of the city’s goals is to become a dark sky city, we need to do all that we can to prevent additional unnecessary light pollution. At 6 p.m. Sept. 10 and 24, city council will hold public hearings on keeping the 32 square foot maximum size for electronic signs. Please attend these meetings and help Kerrville retain its Hill Country charm.

James Kessler, Kerrville


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Mary Lou Shelton

good letter Mr. Powers, and very accurate. just more of blame everything but the obvious. gene


Everyone knows that more laws aren't much of an answer, but it shouldn't hurt the average person to try. If we believed that making more laws was always a futile endeavor, we wouldn't have a government -- or at least we wouldn't have a government that strives for anything other than surrender to lawlessness.

Do you really believe that there is a better chance that your federal government is going to take over Texas than that one of your grand-children or great-grand-children will be killed by an outlaw-madman that could have been prevented by you?


Mary Lou Shelton

Patrick, powerful post. gene

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