There are so many events that represent the best of us, but then there are those events that grab us with such powerful emotion that it's hard to let go of the meaning of what we just witnessed. 

That was exactly the case on Friday night during the third annual “Night to Shine” at Schreiner University. The event, which gave children and adults with special needs a chance to dance the night away, was a reminder of the good that emanates from this area on a regular basis. 

If you wanted to experience joy and love, then the “Night to Shine” was a place to see exactly that. How many of us enjoy those nights of going out, dressing up and dancing? For some it’s easy, for others — say those with disabilities or confined to a wheelchair — not so much, but on this night everything was magical. 

Led by local residents Elizabeth Rose and Julie Ottaway, the “Night to Shine” is an extension of a nationwide effort organized by former NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. 

In Kerrville, a volunteer army of 250 people helped with everything from hair and makeup to ensuring there was a limousine ride for the special guests. A big part of those volunteers were Schreiner University students who served as “buddies” for the guests of all ages. All around there were broad smiles, and there were loud cheers when a favorite song was played, especially when The Village People’s “YMCA” was played. The hands were in the air, like they just don’t care. 

At the end of the day, it takes dedicated leadership of people like Rose and Ottaway to help organize the volunteers, attract the sponsors and deliver an event that people will love and remember for years to come. 

“Night to Shine” was that indeed. We look forward to more nights as grand as last Friday, and we thank those who participated in making it very special. 

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