More significant penalties are needed for reoffenders  

‘Nothing’ is as simple as it seems. The cases in the 198th and 216th district courts were repeat offenses. Does Hanna think the citizens of Kerr County should  shutup and put up with the criminals among us? I get giving a person a second chance. However, when they continue to re-offend it’s time to change something. Perhaps the first offense should  be bail and a manditory, monitored community service. On the second offense, perhaps a short manditory jail time, without bail. I do not believe the defendant (as Hanna thinks, I think) should be sent to prison until they continue to offend. A lesson needs to be taught.

Because the criminal’s parents did not correct them, while growing up, the State needs to provide a life lesson. By releasing individuals over and over, using bail money from (possibly) ill-gotten gain, they are being told they can come back and do the same dance over again.

Realizing there are too few judges, jail cells and too many expensive court trials, I understand the dilemma. However, if judges, D.A.’s and prosecutors did the right thing in the first place, maybe offenders would get it and not re-offend! These judges, D.A.’s, prosecutors and for that matter, defenders should be accountable to us. They are not doing the community or, the defendant any favor by releasing them back into the community.

I don’t doubt that these judges are respected in the local, legal community and I would never question their Christianity.  However, I do think their judgement is skewed by ‘the system’. Whoever started the practice of judges letting D.A.’s and prosecutors decide how the defendant should be penalized started a crazy system. Shouldn’t the judge, judge? Just like dominos, once you push the 1st domino all the rest will fall and fail. Just saying!

Mary Mays, Kerrville

In support of the Nov. 1 letter writer, against detractors

It was with great disgust I read the Letter to the Editor submitted by Fred Fraley attacking Mr. McVey. Mr. Fraley should have the accomplishments of Mr. McVey, both in serving his country and local community. Recently letters from Mr. Lehman, Mr. White and Mr. Fraley do not address issues but use personal attacks to belittle those who they don’t agree with. This is the same method that Donald Trump uses, since he is incapable of understanding our laws and system of government. 

Socialism is not what these three gentleman (term loosely used) is about. Socialism is creating policies to help all the citizens as a group. Republicans use their brand of socialism to help the very rich and not the entire country. 

I will stand by Mr. McVey and everything he represents. I applaud him for expressing his opinion. 

Kenneth Ruark, Ingram

New middle school may make for a traffic nightmare on 534

I have no quarrel with the Items addressed in Friday’s column. All are timely and clear. My issue is with the misses, one in particular that The Daily Times seems to have missed. 

KISD (probably in coordination with the City) is on the cusp of creating a traffic nightmare on Loop 534, of far more significance than the gravel mining operation off Center Point River Rd.

It’s difficult to over estimate the number of Kerrville citizens who will be impacted daily by the traffic generated by Tivy High School and the soon to be constructed middle school. It’s most likely too late to make any significant adjustment to the plans, but the City, the school district and The Kerrville Daily Times have each failed to do their due diligence in this matter on behalf of the citizens of Kerrville.

Putt Shaw, Kerrville

Keep up the good work, Delayne Sigerman

I recently wrote a guest column to the KDT regarding the housing situation in Kerrville in which I called for less dependence on consultants. I’d like to thank city councilwoman Delayne Sigerman for her unexpected and proactive follow up. She recently dropped by our house with a friend of my wife and provided me with a copy of the housing study that was the source of the meeting that I had criticized. I’m very glad that we have such a diligent public servant and good person looking out for the best interests of our community and taxpayer dollars. 

Thank you, madam council woman, and keep up the good work. 

Steve Boynton, Kerrville


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