Basic infrastructure needs attention as well

 While all the maneuvering is being done to enhance the “quality of life” in Kerrville, is it expecting too much to see some finagling to provide basic and essential “quality of life” street repair before “residents” end up in a deep pothole? 

Joyce Barton, Kerrville

Athlete out of line with his opposition to early US flag 

Please! Former America football player Colin Kaepernick has gone too far. His public comments about Nike’s Betsy Ross Sneaker is over the top. That flag’s significance had “nothing” to do with slavery. The Rebel flag is the one he should be castigating. I’m what you would call a lifelong, left-leaning Democrat; Kaepernick needs to support discrimination issues that do not affect our “National” patriotism. George Washington was instrumental in the design of the flag sometime around 1777-1778 as our nation headed into the Revolutionary War.

Kathie Shuler, Kerrville


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