In the last few days, we’ve seen several examples of people doing their best as evidenced by stories or photos on The Kerrville Daily Times. These are people have overcome addiction, traveled the world, volunteered, enjoyed a community event, opened a business or earned a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree from Schreiner University — that was just in one week.

As Christmas approaches it’s always a good time to reflect on the good things that so many of us are doing here in the Hill Country. There are people who are pouring everything into making this community a better place, the people who want to give back and the people who want to make this place their home — forever. 

Take for instance the volunteer work of William Richards, 12, and Lulu Stebbins, 13, who spent part of their night last week volunteering to help feed families at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. 

“I like seeing all of the families come,” Stebbins said of her volunteer duties. “I love seeing all of the kids running around.”

Stebbins is just a seventh grader at Hal Peterson Middle School, but we’re reasonably confident that she’s going to keep volunteering and working to make this a better place. 

We don’t do our work to seek praise from others, but we’d be remiss not to say that we had a lot of kudos and thanks from people. During a fun story by reporter Leigh Gibson, we sought to highlight local businesses who make things that can be great Christmas gifts. 

There were many notes of thanks on the package of stories. It was fun to put it together, but it’s even more important for us to tell the stories of the people who have worked so hard to make their businesses thrive here in Kerrville and Kerr County. 

Another nice note came from acclaimed sculptor and artist Max Greiner Jr., whose work at the Coming King has earned international recognition, becoming a place to stop and appreciate the beauty of the Hill Country. Greiner was praising the photography of The Kerrville Daily Times’ Tom Holden, who shot a picture there last week that has been widely praised and celebrated. 

We were able to cover the graduation of more than 120 Schreiner University students last week. Those students received diplomas during the fall commencement ceremony at the university. These are the type of achievements we’d like to highlight, because they represent an important milestone for not only the student, but also the community. If we’re lucky, we will retain some of these students, who will in turn continue giving back. 

A series of stories about the work of programs in our community made its debut on Monday morning with a powerful story about Whitt Williams’ fight against addiction, and how he’s found hope and purpose right here in Kerrville. It’s been a long road for Whitt, but thanks to his work with the Salvation Army, he appears to be on the right path. The story was part of The Kerrville Daily Times’ Shine Your Light Campaign, which aims to raise money for the Salvation Army, New Hope Counseling Center, and the Christian Men and Women’s Job Corps. 

It’s a complete circle of gratitude that we want to highlight. 

In the end, last week represented some of our ideals as a newspaper — a tough story, followed by something that will surprise and delight. There were certainly plenty of delights last week and we expect many more as we close out the 2019 calendar and head to 2020. 

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