Compliments to the chamber

One of the first things I heard about when I joined the Museum of Western Art in April was Business Expo. This past weekend proved that this event lived up to — and exceeded — its reputation. For us, it offered not only a great way to get our message out to the community but the opportunity to work with other area businesses for mutual benefit.

Compliments to the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce for organizing such a successful and well-run event.

Darrell Beauchamp, executive director, Museum of Western Art 

Guns are not the problem 

Guns aren’t “the problem.” Dorothy Brundrett seemed to think they are the problem. 

Let’s take you on a logical journey: If there is a parked car which is hit by a tree, is it the cause of the accident? Did a spoon cause Rosie O’Donnel to be fat? And the list goes on! Responsible citizens handle guns every day, with no problems. We have laws to deal with those that are not responsible citizens and we should enforce them. 

Some ill informed people think that we should ban assault weapons (they have no idea what that is). Do you realize that a minimally trained individual can fire a weapon with a magazine almost as fast as an automatic and change magazines, whether or not the magazines are “high” capacity?

The bottom line is that people who spew beliefs that are only grounded in fear and not backed by facts and knowledge do nothing to help with the problem. I don’t know if there is a good solution to mass killings, I DO know that more die from drugs than criminals who shoot innocent people. Maybe we should light up the electric chair more often? It would help to smoke them within a year rather than paying lawyers big bucks for years of appeals.  

Michael Coe, Kerrville

Some killings not as highlighted  

I am sure the AP has not carried anything about the dead and wounded, whether in Chicago or Baltimore, this past weekend, because, they are too busy blaming Trump for El Paso and Dayton. Oh by the way, the Dayton shooter was a leftist. Who is to blame for his carnage? Certainly, not Trump! Pat Quinn. See article online: “Gianno Caldwell says it’s time to ‘speak up’ following Chicago’s deadliest weekend of year.”

Patrick J. Quinn, Ingram

Buy American  

Buy American!

So the national news purports that we are in deep trouble because the president is standing up to China. Yep, China; the one who has been taking advantage of American tech for years and stealing technology and jobs. The report on ABC World News reports that Nike shoes may go up by 70% because of the President’s strong stand regarding trade with China and tariffs. Nike doesn’t even support our flag or way of life! Well, just maybe we should buy American! Maybe we have to suffer a little and pay a little more. Let me ask you, when is the last time you had to buy products that did the job as opposed to designer goods so you could be cool or fashionable? A pair of jeans is a pair of jeans and a pair of shoes is a pair of shoes. They do the same thing.

I can remember hand me downs and getting the cool stuff about two years after they were popular. I was still thrilled to have them.

China has been taking our secrets for too long. This fight for a trade agreement is worth the short term sacrifice. 

Help the President and our country “buy American!”

Rick Louk, Kerrville

Keep government out of charitable giving

The Conversation article from August 1 by Alyssa DiRusso was about the government encouraging us to give more to charity. Professor DiRusso specializes in trusts and estates, tax, and related areas of law.

Her concern is that nonhprofits can rely on a more steady income if more donors are encouraged by the government to contribute smaller amounts more regularly.

The only problem with her solution is having the government involved in establishing your “flexible giving account” and diverting more money from your control for that account, through more convoluted tax laws.

A better solution is to educate people from grade school onward to better manage their money and of the importance of charitable giving. We should also educate college professors on the constitutional limits on government authority and intrusion. It is none of the government’s business who gives how much to whom in the form of charity. And for the record, it is also unconstitutional for the federal government to give your tax money to anyone for any reason in the name of welfare, subsidies, charity or benevolence. Remind your elected representatives your charitable giving is none of their business and the “Everyday Philanthropist Act” is unconstitutional.

Gina Stewart, Kerrville


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