Calling someone ‘racist’ is not an argument 

Having never met a person how can you tell if they are a liberal? Simple. Just listen to what they say, or what they write. For instance, the letter in the weekend edition of the KDT, 20-21 Jul, from Mr. Richard Coleman, is a perfect example. What gave him away? Perhaps it was his use of the word racist. In his letter, including the heading, he wrote racist five times in talking about the President. If racist was not a word, a liberal would have a hard time expressing their selves. I don’t know, but I personally get tired of hearing that word. Unfortunately, though, that’s all they have. What a shame.  

Ken Pinkham, Kerrville

On a lighter note, a few words about ‘Yesterday’ and Rio 

Time for a lighter subject for a change!  For an impromptu date we decided to to go to the local Rio to see the new film Yesterday.  The first problem was there was only one ticket counter open at 12:30 on Saturday 7/20.  The line went out into the sunshine & included ages ranging from young children to seniors & was not moving fast.  With Toy Story 4 showing there was lots of interest in line, hoping to get in.  That movie soon sold out.

When you made it inside, you were greeted with very long snack bar lines, several lines.  The popcorn littered the floor from the over flowing giant containers.

The movie advertisements/previews are always played extremely loud, close to the cover your ears level.

In spite of the difficulty arriving in your seat, the movie was excellent, mission accomplished but common sense needed work!

Bob Estus, Kerrville


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Mary Lou Shelton

mr Pinkham, yep, I get tired of the endless mindless yammering about socialism from conservatives. neither term has a great deal of accuracy when describing the majority. terms designed to inflame emotion rather than thought perhaps? gene

Mary Lou Shelton

but as to the word racist, I read an article yesterday that talked about the changing meaning of the word, and that it is now used differently than the way we old timers perceived it. because younger generations are more in tune with the current usage of various terms, the word pops up more and more to describe various situations. in my mind it is overused, but in the minds of others, it is likely underused. seems the same for socialism. everything that is designed to help the more unfortunate among us is now blasted as socialism and unconstitutional. the original meaning of socialism (state control of resources and production) has now changed in the same way as has the original meaning of the word racist. gene

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