One of the top priorities of the Democrat-led United States House of Representatives is the Equality Act. However, the policies contained within this bill (HR 5) would create greater inequality, hurting women and individuals of faith. Equality cannot be created for one group by taking rights away from another. This bill targets people of religious faith, erodes protections for women and would take children away from parents who refuse radical hormone therapies  

It would force schools (both public and private), churches, hospitals, businesses and other institutions to recognize an individual’s “chosen gender” instead of their “biological sex.” In cases where parents have objected to their young children receiving drastic, life-altering procedures to change their biological sex, medical facilities have worked with the courts to have children taken away from their parents. 

Parents should not be afraid to seek medical care for a child because they are helpless to prevent a physician from subjecting their child to an unproven, radical and medically unnecessary procedure.

Businesses with 15 or more employees would be forced to provide medical insurance for “gender transitions,” use preferred pronouns or face litigation, and open any single-sex space to both sexes — including bathrooms and locker rooms.

Clearly, the so-called “Equality Act” creates inequality for so many.  The individuals who wrote it obviously did not think about, or did not care about, the repercussions it would have on women, girls, religious individuals and institutions and those suffering with gender dysphoria — its focus is on adherence to liberal dogma.  

Annette Bennett, 



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I hadn’t heard much about the H.R.5 Equality Act, but some of the claims in Ms. Bennett’s letter were so outrageous that I became curious and decided to do a little research. The bill hasn’t even been signed into law and according to Ms. Bennett, medical facilities are already working with courts to take children away from their parents for forced gender change procedures or hormone therapies.

After a couple of quick Google searches, I found out that large parts of Ms. Bennett’s letter were copied verbatim from the website. I find it sad that she felt it necessary to plagiarize a website instead of writing in her own words or quoting the website as a source. And, not surprisingly, the website made a few additional outrageous claims to scare their readers into opposing this bill.

To satisfy my curiosity about these claims, I did a fast read of the proposed bill, whose stated purpose is: “To prohibit discrimination on the basis of s**, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and for other purposes.”

- Link to official summary:
- Link to official text:

In my opinion, there is a big disconnect between the actual bill and the claims in Ms. Bennett’s letter. I don’t see how one could leap to the conclusions made by Ms. Bennett and her apparent source. It’s one thing to oppose a bill, but it really bothers me when people feel the need to make false claims to promote their point of view.

Ellen Bolton

Note: Apparently I am unable to write the three letter word for gender that begins with an s, so I wrote s** instead. The paper thinks that it is profanity.

Mary Lou Shelton

you might want to read house bill 5 as it contains virtually none of the claims you made in your letter. as to discrimination, prohibiting a person from hiding behind their religion to discriminate against others is not striping them of their rights. they have no right to discriminate against others irrespective of their religious beliefs. gene

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