Summertime is one of the most challenging seasons for low-income families. Many pay hundreds more in day care costs and face increased food costs as they struggle to provide their kids balanced breakfasts and lunches that many get for free during the school year.

After penny-pinching through the summer, these families get no relief as the summer winds down. Instead, the end of the summer often is when they face the greatest financial blow as they budget paying for school supplies, clothing and other items before school starts.

Local programs that help needy families absorb these extra costs, such as The Salvation Army’s annual school supply drive, not only provide much-needed supplies, but they help kids build confidence by knowing they will show up to school well-equipped and ready for the first day.

The public has until Sunday to help these families by participating in the school supply drive.

Residents can “adopt” a family/student by visiting any of four locations in Kerrville and picking up paper school buses stuck to cards inscribed lists of supplies needed. These school buses are affixed to walls at the Kroc Center, 201 Holdsworth Drive; Chick-fil-A, 1060 Junction Highway; Culvers, 1300 Junction Highway; and Ashley HomeStore, 1703 Sidney Baker St. We encourage readers to contribute to this worthwhile cause.

Families aren’t the only ones seeking assistance; teachers often want additional resources, especially when they have students who lack basic supplies. 

The Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce is asking area businesses to donate items to go into welcome bags for new teachers. The Times will participate, and we hope you will, too. The deadline to donate is Aug. 9. Contact Angela North at 830-896-1155 or for more information.

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