The Kerrville Daily Times published a letter on September 30th from a gentleman wishing to have the Triathlon, sports activities and other special events including the Kerrville Folk Festival relocated to other Texas communities.  Thankfully, after viewing the poll conducted by the Kerrville Daily Times, 94% of the responders do not agree with the concept of relocating these events to other cities.

The Kerrville Triathlon hosted in our City last weekend had over 1,800 registered participants.  If 1/3 of those individuals lived in or around Kerrville and didn’t use area hotel accommodations, the remaining participates were from out of town and utilized area accommodations, dined in area restaurants, visited area attractions and probably purchased a tank of gasoline.  Based on industry standards, the Triathlon had an economic impact on Kerrville of $1,306,800 dollars for the three-day event.

Residents of Kerrville benefit from these events in the form of lower tax rates for goods and services provided by the City of Kerrville.  If these events were relocated to other communities, each resident of Kerrville would have to collectively generate an additional 30-35% in tax revenue to support local fire, police, street, parks and other city services we currently enjoy.  Additionally, area businesses would experience a decline in business activity.

Granted, these events do cause temporary interruptions in our daily commutes, longer waits for tables in our favorite restaurants, and occasionally, even makes us late to church.  However, most residents pay attention to published news releases, Facebook postings or other communication methods used to alert residents of street closure times and locations.  Signs were also placed in impacted areas alerting residents and visitors of upcoming street closures and detours. 

Visitors to Kerrville spent $74 million dollars in our city, generated 2.6 million dollars in local tax revenue and maintained 1,120 jobs during the last year.  These are jobs, tax revenue and new dollars that impact every resident of Kerrville.  If these events were relocated to other communities, our community and its residents would suffer the loss!  Isn’t a little inconvenience worth the economic benefits created by events and visitors to our community?

Charlie McIlvian is president and CEO of the Kerrville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

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