The second week of school is starting today, and now that the students and teachers have connected with each other, it’s time to remind ourselves about the important work that needs to be done in our community. 

Educating our youth remains one of the top priorities for many communities, and in Kerr County, the quality of our schools is paramount to attract families and professionals to the area. We see education as the cornerstone of the community’s future, but there’s clearly work to be done.

A report by the state faulted the Kerrville Independent School District for the performance of B.T. Wilson Sixth Grade School. The campus, according to the state, is near failure by earning a D grade. While our elementary schools here appear to be doing well, and our secondary students seem to be thriving at Tivy High School, there’s something amiss at Wilson. 

In the 2017-2018 school year, B.T. Wilson met standards, but the new way the state checks for accountability showed a slide backward. When it came to closing gaps for all students, but especially for minority students, Wilson got an F grade from the state. 

We’re not going to place blame. The district is working on an improvement, and we will keep a close eye on their progress. 

There’s also good news when it comes to education. We’re encouraged by many of the things we see in our local schools, and we believe education is critical to the experience of our young people. 

One of the things we cherish covering are good works by the students and staff every school year. Some of our best stories come from the remarkable achievements by students in our public and private schools. 

Teaching and running schools is challenging at best. We all play a role in students’ success, and it’s worthwhile for us to commit to do what we can to support our schools.

In Kerrville, you can get involved by mentoring, supporting the Kerrville Public School Foundation, and by just showing up and being present at the many public events and meetings hosted by our schools. 

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Is this a problem created at BT Wilson or is it the schools that are sending students to Wilson that are failing? KISD is supposed to be better than this.

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