When the workers and volunteers of the Upper Guadalupe River Authority pulled more than 10,000 pounds of trash out of and around the Guadalupe River there was certainly a reason to celebrate an inspiring community effort, but then again it’s distressing why these folks had to give up their time to clean up someone else’s mess. 

Get this: the volunteers pulled out more than 10,000 pounds of trash. That’s near five tons of junk, garbage and yuck. 

Gross. Ick. Really? 

This seems to be an ongoing issue for our community, because it’s nothing to what they pulled out of the area in 2018. Yes, that’s right we saw a reduction since 2018, when more than 32,000 pounds of trash was dumped in the river areas.

Even grosser. 

So, we had 526 people volunteer their time to clean up the mess of folks who don’t think that much of this beautiful and important asset to our community — the Guadalupe River. 

You name it and the volunteers probably found it. Tires, car parts, old beds, clothes and assorted items of ick and yuck that don’t paint a pretty picture of our community. The good news, however, is that so many people have turned out to support this initiative. 

We’re appreciative of the efforts of the following groups: Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Girl Scout troops from Kerr County and the San Antonio area, 4H First Tee, Aqua, Atmos Energy, City of Kerrville, Christian Women’s Job Corps, First Presbyterian Church Youth, Kerrville Fire Department Water Operations, Guadalupe Bank, Kerrville Board of Realtors, Kerr County Democrats, Kerr County Women’s Chamber, MartinMarietta, Pathways 3H, River Hills Health & Rehab, Rotaract Community Club of Kerrville, Rotary Club of Kerrville Morning, Salvation Army Kroc Center, St. Michael’s Anglican Church, Schreiner University Green Society, Stablewood Springs Resort, Texas River Stewards, Tom Daniels Robotics and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. 

There were countless others who contributed to the clean up efforts and then the city of Kerrville, Garrett Services, Kerrville Recycling and Republic Services hauled away the trash and recyclables free of charge.

So, while the amount of trash dumped into the areas around the river and in the river, we should be thankful that so many people care to take the time to give back to their community. Now, the challenge is to encourage people to stop dumping trash and get them to take greater pride in the river.

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