Local governance in peril 

A lot is being said in general about gerrymandering but nearly exclusively by Democrats in Red States. My recollection is that it’s not a problem when the DeepStateDemocratsMainStreamMedia had control of the gerrymandering. Which was from 1933 to 1995. Republicans received a crumb every 10 years. Texas Governor, Bill Clements, was the first Republican Governor of Texas in over a hundred years. And Julius Neunhoffer, county judge of Kerr County, mirrored that by being the first Republican county judge since Reconstruction. 

You all started getting significantly neutered in 1994 and it has been getting worse and worse for you ever since. The decibels of your howling was on an upward sloping curve. We are very familiar with your pain, as we lived with it continuously for 60 years and most of over a century. Look at the landmass that votes Republican. Do you really think we want to be held prisoner by the values, or lack thereof, of Blue States and Inter-cities? AKA Dogwhistle Blue Areas. Among many things, do you think it is “just” for someone on the 50th floor of a high-rise apartment in a concrete jungle dictate what Republicans do with their property out in the middle of nowhere? Does that sound like fun to you? Believe me it isn’t. Community organizing is really efficient and cost-effective in Dog Whistle Blue areas. It’s also effectively tyrannical and demoralizing for us. 

The Electoral College serves a very important purpose in Presidential Elections. Perhaps it needs to be expanded. It would solve the gerrymandering problems. Something like, maybe, Intercity votes don’t control anything outside the city limits sign.  

Robby Hurt, Mountain Home

Taxpayer needs some relief

One penny!  Just one miserly penny!  KISD’s tax rate last year was $1.18 per $100 of taxable value. Their rate for this year is $1.17 per $100 of taxable value of a home. KISD patted itself on the back, because by golly they had reduced our tax rate. Insulting is not a strong enough word for their financial shenanigans.   The Kerr Center Appraisal Board decides homeowners’ tax valuation. The people on this board are not elected. So we have KISD’s greed on one side of the tax issue and the non-elected members of KCAB on the other side.

Are we taxpayers being royally screwed?

 I feel like I have been left for “dead”. No relief on KISD taxes. No relief on valuation on my home. All I am doing is feeding  KISD’s bottomless hunger for more taxpayers’ money. 

Susan Brennan, Kerrville

Raw chicken issue not new

My eyes fell across the page on Thursday from editorials to Obituaries and Heloise. I learned in one column of a new warning from the CDC regarding the care of raw chicken in the kitchen. We have known about bacteria on raw chicken, but I have never heard not to wash or rinse for fear of splashing such cleansing onto sponges, tableware, dishes, towels, etc, and thereby contaminating anything nearby. After preparing the chicken it is suggested tha the entire kitchen be wiped down. 

Made me consider, in jest, the choice of the KDT to prepare the two columns on the same page.

Penny Trauth , Kerrville


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they spend too much money on sports and not enough on maintenance (the lack of maintenance is well documented) or activities that promote brain development. much of your money is wasted. would you like to see football eliminated and let the boosters club finance it? that is how sports are done in many high performing school systems. gene


Thank you for the thoughtful letter Ms. Brennan. I have a feeling the politicians are not interested in how you feel, and our local Democratic party is certainly not interested in how you feel. We have a small group of folks that run this county and benefit from your increasing tax burden. These folks have no political opposition.

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