Consider diagonal crosswalk 

While enjoying a delicious meal at a restaurant at the corner of Water Street and Sydney Baker (Texas 16), I looked diagonally across at the parking garage offering all that free, shaded parking and considered how we could encourage people to use it more. 

One reason it isn’t used more is after leaving their cars in the parking garage, visitors to downtown Kerrville must walk to the corner, push the crosswalk button, wait, cross one busy road, then hit the next crosswalk button, wait, and cross the second busy road. 

A more convenient solution both for the pedestrians and for better traffic flow would be a single crosswalk button activated from all four corners which would stop traffic in all directions for the standard crossing time of 20 seconds and allow pedestrians to cross diagonally across the intersection. So traffic is delayed for only 20 seconds rather than 40 seconds and pedestrians aren’t waiting through a second traffic signal cycle standing in the heat.

 The visitors to downtown Kerrville would love it and the downtown shops and restaurants would be beneficiaries.  

Catherine Learoyd, Kerrville

Fit-4-Life yields positive results 

I was pleased to see the article in the Weekend Times on the upcoming next cycle of the Fit-4-Life program offered by the Kroc Center. I am currently finishing up the yearlong program and can attest to the wonderful opportunity the program offers in making major changes to your lifestyle, health and fitness.

Here’s what I have gained from participating in the program:

1. Greatly improved physical conditioning. When I started the program, I had just recovered from spinal cord surgery and used a walker due to lack of muscle control and balance. Following the guidelines of the program and working with a personal trainer, I have improved my physical condition to the point where I can easily walk with minimal assistance using a cane.

2. The combination of the exercise and nutritional components of the program has allowed me to achieve significant benefits to my overall health. Even though the exercise program replaced fat with muscle development, I was able to reduce my weight to near the ideal level.

3. Another important component of the Fit-4-Life that I personally found so successful is the tremendous support the KROC Center staff provide through every aspect of the program. Participants are provided many opportunities to broaden their horizon by engaging in a variety of activities supporting the mission of the KROC Center and the community as a whole.

I encourage anyone who is interested in improving their health and fitness to explore the opportunities of the Fit-4-Life program by contacting the KROC Center for more information and an enrollment application before the August 1 deadline for the Fall cycle.

Wendell Bingham, Kerrville

Dems closer to fascism than GOP

Another liberal is labeling GOP policies as fascist. Let’s look at that. Fascism is a form of government which is a type of one-party dictatorship. Fascists are against democracy. ... Fascism puts nation and often race above the individual. It stands for a centralized government headed by a dictator. 

OK, one party dictatorship. Voter fraud is predominantly Democrat. The Bernie Sanders campaign was marginalized by the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee. A Deep State conspiracy, financed and orchestrated by Democrats, to impeach President Trump is still limping along. Then there is the socialist agenda of the Democrat Party. Contrast this with the Republican tenants of the rule of law and constitutionally limited government. So which party is more likely seeking a dictatorship?

Against democracy? OK, you got me. Republicans prefer the constitutional republic detailed in the Constitution. It is Democrats who are erasing the republic in favor of mob democracy, feared and loathed by the founders. 

Fascism puts nation and race above the individual. socialist Democrats put the state above all. It is Democrats who always bring up race and want to divide people by race and ethnicity. For all their charges of racism toward others, it is liberal policies that hurt minorities the most. It is true that Republicans value their American identity because we are proud to be Americans because of what Americans have accomplished.

And who is pushing for a centralized government? Democrats who will overregulate at the drop of a hat, or Republicans who fight tirelessly for limited government? 

If you look at the tactics outlined by Hitler in Mein Kampf to destroy the opposition, you will see the Democrat Party, not the Republican Party. Nazis, after all, were the National Socialist Workers Party. Does that sound Republican to you? 

Bill Morgan, Kerrville


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Thanks for the letter Bill. What do you think about implementing your values and ideas right here in Kerrville? I like the following quote from your LTE: “Republicans who fight tirelessly for limited government”. What about Kerrville, where 80% of the votes cast are Republicans? How is it that we have a non-Republican, anti-Trump Mayor who advocates big government while lecturing us on what Capitalism is (never mind he spent his entire life in the world of 501’s and non-profits, totally dependent on donations)? Could it be that local Republicans have folded to the special interests that benefit from government spending? Fair and Free Democracy… you know.

Mary Lou Shelton

seems to me that Adam Smith spent all his life in academic pursuits, he had a degree in moral theology, and never hit a lick of manual labor, never started a business, and never met a payroll, yet he is considered the father of modern capitalism. to attempt to use a persons background as a way of disputing their ideas is pretty lame, but unfortunately very typical. as to bills letter, I think he very accurately described the splinter of the republican party that is loyal to trump. I think there are fascist elements to both the far right and the far left, the problem is that the far right now have a president who doesnt have the good sense to pursue a middle course, and there seems to be a lot more angry, authoritarian people on the right. gene


Thank you for the comment Gene. Your position reinforces the old axiom that politics makes strange bedfellows. The Kerr County Republican Party is beholding to special interests who are businessmen and not political ideologues. These businessmen cannot prosper unless $ is transferred from your pocket to theirs, so they seek to increase public spending by installing big government liberals in positions of power while the Kerr County Republican party looks at their shoes. This is a natural blending with the world view of the left, so in effect the local GOB and the local left are united, albeit for completely different reasons. GOB’s chalk up another victory.


Ms. Learoyd, I agree that it would be nice to get more people to use the parking garage, but I foresee a few problems with your proposed solution. (1) You would still need the current crossings for people who want to go to other restaurants or businesses that are not diagonal to the parking garage. (2) You would still need the lights for the vehicles to cross or turn at that intersection. (3) Think of a right triangle and the well-known Pythagorean Theorem. If it takes 20 seconds to travel each of the two legs of the triangle, then you would need a little over 28 seconds to cross the hypotenuse (diagonal). (4) Adding additional 28 second stops in all directions would exacerbate existing backups at the intersection. (5) The time saved for the pedestrian would be 12 seconds instead of 20 seconds you mentioned. I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. Ellen Bolton, Kerrville


Ms. Bolton, Let me clarify that the regular signal sequence with left turns etc. would remain unchanged. It is only when the crosswalk button is pushed that an all traffic stop would be inserted into the sequence and pedestrians could walk in any direction to cross one street or diagonally to the opposite corner -- think of a X (the diagonals) with a box around it (the four existing crossings) -- six crossing options. The pedestrian saves a lot more than 12 seconds when you add waiting at the corner in the heat for the lights to go through another sequence. And then there is the efficiency of having multiple people cross in all six directions at once. This is called a scramble. And, yes, I didn't get into more detail when limited to 250 words and invoke Mr. Pythagoras even though I'm an engineer. But, I'm not a civil engineer and do not claim any expertise on traffic light sequencing. Nevertheless, as a pedestrian, I can certainly see the benefit of my suggestion and I hope someone official as well as the Kerrville Downtown organization will consider looking into it. Thank you for taking the time to consider it yourself.


Ms. Learoyd, Thank you for the additional clarification. I wasn’t thinking outside the triangular box. I also have no expertise on traffic light sequencing, but based on my experience driving here, I don’t think we have any experts doing that job now. While your clarified proposal sounds somewhat reasonable on the surface, I am not convinced it would work at that intersection. However, I’m willing to keep an open mind. Pythagoras aside, my pessimistic gut feel is that most people here are used to parking in front of a building and walking in without going through any crosswalk – diagonal or otherwise. This aspect would need to be studied and considered in the overall plan. I don’t remember the details, but I have read some other proposals to make the garage more accessible and more obvious to tourists. Others have written saying it should be torn down, which strikes me as being completely unreasonable. I myself have used it on multiple occasions. It is definitely a problem in search of a solution and whatever gets decided will certainly spark controversy on the part of some of the people. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this issue. I understand being limited by the number of words allowed in a letter. I have given up on more than one occasion when faced with this limitation. According to today’s paper, the limit is now 300 words – hardly enough to tackle a complex problem like this.


Ms. Bolton, I call myself a pragmatic optimist. If this idea isn't the solution then maybe it will trigger another solution that would be viable in someone reading this. Interesting that the limit is actually 300 when the online submission form is limited to 250 words. To take this to another level, we all need to work together on solutions because our diversity and different perspectives brought together can come up with solutions that are better than any one individual thought of. My favorite word is Synergy -- the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. As an important example, this is how our government should be working and isn't. We do have common ground and common goals when we look for them. When we combine our ideas rather than squabbling like children, pointing fingers and call others nasty names, we can all be winners. I agree with Founding Father John Adams that the worst evil that could befall the US Constitution is the two-party system. He is being proven correct here in our time! I think we can all agree that the left (Democrats) are too far left and the right (Republicans) have gone too far right. The majority by far is in the middle. If representatives cannot work with each other for the good of all Americans rather than for either Party and its Donors, I'd say "Re-elect No One" ... with a few exceptions like Representative Murr who is working for us.

Mary Lou Shelton

mr Morgan, I do think the Republican Party is pushing what some call corpo-fascism: where more and more benefits and privileges are given to those individuals and entities who have vast amounts of money, at the expense of those who have little. these actions affect our daily lives in many ways. two simple examples: it is now far more difficult to bring a class action suit by a group of individuals. this shuts down efforts to punish large companies for their malfeasance. think bad hip implants, asbestos related disorders, black lung disease, exploding pinto gas tanks, etc. cases like that must now be brought by individuals, a virtual impossibility for many reasons. another is the forced arbitration agreement that people now have to sign before engaging in many transactions. something else clearly designed to limit the average persons ability to right a perceived wrong by using the court of law. I think both parties are largely controlled by big money, but if you look at the policies put forth by each party, you will clearly see a strong bias towards protecting those with wealth and power occurs far more in the republican party that the democrats. I think looking at actions if far more important that listening to the words. gene

Mary Lou Shelton

and, due to recent events, Mr. Morgan, I am commenting on your statement about most illegal voters being democrats. I would like to see your source on that. if it were provable, it would be on Fox News 24/7. but let me ask you, Mitch McConnell has blocked numerous efforts to bring up various bills to improve election security. he blocked two just the day after mueller testified that the Russians were still there. this was also following a nice donation from a manufacturer of electronic voting machines. so if illegal votes are entirely on the side of the democrats, why would he not want more election security. it might stop some of those votes you mention. and do you think the patterns of donations he receives has anything to do with his votes? gene

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