Shopping carts, please

I love to shop at all the thrift stores in Kerrville. You never know what you will find. I prefer the prices there and variety of finds. 

There is one problem since I now have a disability. I need a shopping cart. It’s hard to manage a hand basket and a cane. I can’t shop St. Vincent’s, SPCA, Children’s Ranch Store (Ingram), Finds and some others.

Please get shopping carts. Your aisles are wide enough. H-E-B and Walmart aisles are just as narrow since they stack shelves at all hours.

Frances Feller, Center Point

Recall Obama-era border crossings, detentions  

I suggest to all who condemn the President, as in today’s (7/8/2019) Letter to the Editor, turn a couple of pages and read the Today In History section. Read the bottom historical event and then tell me the same story? Amazing how short the memory of some biased persons. I guess it depends on whose ox is gored. 

James Coulter, Kerrville

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