If you love music, 2020 might be a great year for live music with several super groups reuniting for shows, including Eagles, who will feature Vince Gill. However, we posed a Facebook question to see if our readers were more interested in the Doobie Brothers or Motley Crue — both reforming and going on the road. 

Early on, it looked like our Facebook audience was ready for a headbanging good time with the bad boys of hair metal — the Crue, which will tour with Def Leppard and Poison. However, in the end, 53% said they wanted to see a reformed Doobie Brothers concert, which will feature singer Michael McDonald for the first time in 25 years. 

“Saw Doobie Brothers last year and earlier this year — they put on a great show,” said one Facebook commenter. “Next year — touring with Michael McDonald — may be even better!”


When it comes to holiday shopping, Kerrville residents — or at least those readers of The Kerrville Daily Times — say they’re going to spend their money online. We asked the question last week about where people thought they might make their purchases, and 45% said they will spend online.

That’s not necessarily surprising and aligns with national trends. The so-so news for local retailers is that 34% will spend their money in Kerrville. The rest of the respondents said they will travel to San Antonio or Austin to spend their holiday dollars. 

One of the interesting things about the holiday season is the shortened schedule with six fewer days to shop. “This year’s holiday calendar is less favorable ... which is likely to lead to increased promotions (and profitability pressures),” Bank of America Merrill Lynch research analyst Robert Ohmes in a note to clients on Wednesday.

CNBC noted the last time this happened was in 2013, and holiday sales growth remained in line with estimates at 2.9% year-over-year. However, inventory and traffic planning can be a challenge for retailers hoping to cash in on billions of dollars during these prime shopping days.

How will that carry over to the local scene? Based on year-over-year sales tax revenue, we suspect that the local retailers will manage. The important message, however, is that shopping local is important to more than 1,000 people who are employed in retail here in Kerrville. 


With the Kerr County Commissioners Court returning to session today and with the topic of the animal shelter on the agenda, we wanted to do another check of opinion around the issue. Here’s the text of the poll: 

The Commissioners Court should do the following: 

Re-open the shelter on Saturdays

Re-open the shelter with expanded Saturday hours

Close the shelter on Mondays

Keep it closed on weekends

Close the shelter another weekday

You can make your choice online at dailytimes.com.


The horrific shooting death of Walmart employee Melissa Villagrana proved to be the most-read story in the history of The Kerrville Daily Times’ website, with more than 60,000 people reading various versions of the stories last week. On social media, the story was even bigger reaching more than 200,000 people last week. 


The Pew Research Center released a poll about the state of how people feel about the protection of their personal information online. Not surprisingly, the study found that a majority of people felt their personal data were collected daily. When it came to what was collecting that data, 62% said it was private companies, 63% said it was the government. 


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