Migrant adults are culpable  

I contend that it is not the fault of our President or America for this humanitarian crisis at the southern border, but rather it is the fault of the migrant parents who bring them here illegally. We can’t even take care of our citizens who need help. How can we be expected to take care of all the world’s citizens? Come here legally or stay home. 

Mary Mays, Kerrville

Power line project will affect some KPUB customers

Your front-page article on June 27 was extremely upsetting to those of us KPUB customers who can expect to be powerfully impacted by the construction of the new Mountain Home transmission line. We stand to have our property confiscated without adequate compensation, to suffer the inconvenience of a major construction project on our doorsteps, and, perhaps worst of all, to have our views of the beautiful Texas Hill Country marred with a line of transmission line towers.

I attended the meeting reported on, and I can attest that Mike Whittler never said what the headline asserts. What he said, correctly, was that KPUB as an institution didn’t have cause to intervene in the case, as the impact on its grid will be negligible.

I am happy to acknowledge that the reporter who covered the meeting got her facts right, but the headline writer went completely off the reservation. 

Warren Funk, Kerrville

Thank you, Kerrville community

Thanks to our amazing Kerrville community. My sister Sylvia Chacon Leyva suddenly passed away from complications of liver cancer. We reached out to the community and received a wonderful response. I would like to thank God. He is a God of more than enough. We sold out of bbq plates and were able to pay the entire funeral costs, purchase my sister Sylvia Chacon Leyva’s headstone (later date) and lay her to rest. Thank you to Alan Hill and the Hill Country Veteran’s Center for giving a place to hold the benefit. Thank you to my cousin Royal Washington, Desnic Houston, Elizabeth Maldonado, Tana Burman, Tiffany Kendricks, cousin Sandy Garcia, cousin Frankie Treviño, cousin Carmen, Cuervo Jon, Olivia Vela, Henrietta Fadai, Rita Amador, Aaliyah Donai Castillo & Rossemary Marte, John and Shelby Kocurek, Dani Mohr, David & Amber Wedge, Diane Rosales, Mrs. Ybarra, cousin Amy Espinoza, Rebecca Hope Garcia, Hercilia Seale, Cindy Anderson, Samantha Ann Taylor, Reggie Alicia Moore, cousin Michael Rodriguez, Robert Rosales, Tia Janie, Anna Garcia, Tia Rachel, Tio Henry, Joshua Vela, Josh Vela, Tio Carlos, Joe Jimenez, Lizette Gallagher, Tia Virginia, Dee Dee, Karen & Tony Vela, Jesse Irvin, Denisha & Arthur Perez, Mary Menchaca, cousins Hondo & Velma Sanchez, Mike Taylor, Kerrville Daily Times, Steve Dye, Wilson’s Ice House, the Kerrville State Hospital, Peterson Regional Medical Center, Peterson Hospice, James Avery, Stripes, Sandra Hernandez, Charlie Skinner, Kerrville Court House, Diane & Samuel Rodriguez Sally Herrnandez, cousin Tina Sanchez. Special thanks to Amy Vela, Chris and Paw Paw for cooking all the meat, my nephew James Chacon for providing his pit. Thank you to all of our family and friends who gave and who bought plates. If I missed anyone I apologize. I thank you all. May God bless you all.

Leticia Chacon, Kerrville


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Mary Lou Shelton

Ms. Mays, You are quite right that we dont that care of our own citizens. We are the wealthiest nation in the world, yet we fail the hardest working among us. How would you try to help that situation if you ran the govt? gene


Hey, Gene, Which enumerated power gives the authority to the federal government to care for individual citizens or a class of citizen? Welfare and safety nets are a state and community concern.

Mary Lou Shelton

once again, thank you for your constitutional expertise that denies any help to those that need it. surely you dont think that was the way they set it up? but then again, they did have a form of debtors prison back then, and auctioned off young children as servants when families could no longer pay their debts. but maybe that was the better thing for society as it followed some form of constitutional purity. gene

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