Let’s put our heads together 

The headlines are full of grief, mourning, stories of heroes, survivors, and those trying to endure the horror of mass shootings. Calls for action resonate strongly to find an end to the death, as our souls suffer from the loss and become hardened by the frequency of the carnage. 

There must be more than one way to respond to a problem this big and the conversation needs input from all of us. We hear that guns don’t take lives, humans are to blame. A recent report of a knife attack over two hours resulted in four dead and two injured, reinforcing the fact that guns are far more lethal than other weapons. We want an end to this epidemic of violence yet most voices in the cry to ‘do something’ fail to offer substantive remedies.

A voice I would like to hear in the conversation is that of gun advocates and gun owners. As a gun owner, what do you see as the best approach to stem the violence? Do you belong to a gun organization that is working to find a solution? When you are standing on the gun range, do you ever feel uncomfortable with someone near you? Do you sometimes think another shooter is outside a healthy norm? How do you act on your instincts? Do you feel comfortable that high velocity and rapid-fire weapons are easily available to everyone?

What must we do to end the gun violence? Let’s talk!


Carol Powers, Kerrville

Conduct of this president does not conform to Christian values 

In her Aug. 7 column, Ms. Benham states that American leadership’s roots in Christianity distinguish it from China and other Communist-based countries. She then implies that the Democratic presidential candidates are unqualified to “deal with the likes of the ayatollah, Kim Jong-Un, President Xi or Vladimir Putin,” concluding by placing blame for our current state of affairs on the young people who “deserted parental and religious constraints” to attend Woodstock.

To a great extent, far-right evangelical Christians are supportive of, if not responsible for our current divisive state of affairs. They have demonstrated unyielding support for a leader who has espoused White Supremacy, who repeatedly attacks people of color, who has cheated on all three of his wives, who lies more than he tells the truth, who has defrauded thousands of students in his Trump University scam, who has demonstrated the lack of business acumen (6 bankruptcies), who settled a federal lawsuit in 1973 charging him with housing discrimination against African-Americans, who led the “birther” movement against President Obama, who incited violence against protesters attending his rallies (“I’ll pay for your legal defense if you punch him!”), who sides with authoritarians over our own government’s intelligence community, and against whom there is credible evidence of obstruction of justice in connection with the Mueller investigation. These allegations are all based on facts (to the consternation of those who obtain most of their information from Fox state TV). The conduct of this president does not represent Christian values! For the far right evangelical Christians to state otherwise is over-the-top hypocrisy!

I would say to Ms. Benham, if our society today reflected the unity and love demonstrated during the Woodstock festival 50 years ago, we would all be in a far better place. Have a blessed day!


Chuck Paul, Kerrville

Thank you for John Moore column 

I wanted to thank you for John Moore’s column on your front pages — I love that he reminisces about past days and stories. They make me laugh at those things we as kids or teenagers used to do — it’s true! I loved the last one about giving grandparents a break on spoiling grandkids and I agree! 

I love to do grandma stuff with mine. Ice cream is OK. He was right saying the dads and moms need to chill and let us create the memories we’re giving. We want ‘em to remember us and be glad they had us, as not everyone has good grandparents. I did and my memories are many, I loved em so much! Thank you for his column and keep em coming. We need humor in something nowadays, don’t we?


Janice Taylor, Kerrville

Return of remains a miracle  

A deeply patriotic miracle occurred, when Private Billy Joe Butler’s remains were identified in North Korea.  Why? Because President Trump’s dialogue with North Korea’s president was the catalyst that started the entire remains process.  Trump let North Korea’s president know that he expected the return of the remains of  American soldiers that died in North Korea during the Korean War.

And one of those soldiers returned home to Kerrville’s waiting arm.  His family was encircled with tons of love and support.  Now, Billy Joe Butler, rests in God’s loving hands. Amen!

Susan Brennan, Kerrville


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